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The Agenda of Esau/Edom

January 22, 2013

Bible Believers’ Newsletter 767

“We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . .”

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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God’s unchanging Word.

Our sister Church in Owerri, Nigeria will be holding her Africa Convention over four days from December 22, please lift up pastor Chibueze Uzoho, ministering brethren and their congregations in prayer.

Our main Article is this issue examines the “Agenda of Esau/Edom” from published statements. Their objectives are now entrenched in UN treaties to which your nation, whichever it is, and mine are party, and regardless of your race but especially if you happen to have fair skin, are programmed for elimination. You might say, “that is just a conspiracy.” Well, yes, it is a conspiracy, and your elected representatives and mine are party thereto.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

‘British Whites’ are the Minority in London

December 11, 2012 — White British people are now in a minority in London for the first time, it emerged today as census data revealed that the immigrant population of England and Wales went up by 3 million over the past decade.
Just 3.7 million Londoners described their ethnicity as ‘White British’ in 2011—down from 4.3 million in 2001, and making up 44.9 per cent of the city’s population.

It is believed to be the first time that British whites have become a minority in any region of the UK. Another major change to the nation came in the decreasing number of Christians—4 million fewer people claimed to belong to the faith as a quarter of Britons said they had no religion.

In 2011, 7.5 million residents were foreign-born, making up 13 per cent, or one in eight of the population—up from 4.6 million people in 2001. The total population of England and Wales was 56.1 million, a seven per cent increase on 2001—and 55 per cent of the increase is due to migration.

There were 33.2 million people claiming to be Christian, down from 37.3 million in 2001 and making up just 59 per cent of the population. 25.1 per cent of people said they had no faith, up from 14.8 per cent a decade earlier, while the proportion of Muslims rose from 3.0 per cent to 4.8 per cent. . . Full story:

Comment: Jesus mused, “when the Son of man comes, will He find the faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). The Son of man has come and He found the faith in His Prophet, William Branham; his ministry restored the apostolic faith, finished the mystery of God, and introduced the Son of man (Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:11; Revelation 1:1; 3:14; 10:7).

Bibi’s Letter to Khaled Meshal

December 10, 2012 — The envelope containing Netanyahu’s letter was addressed to “His Excellency, Khaled Meshal.” The letter itself was to “The Palestinian Terrorist Leader.” The text was as follows:

I thank you with all my heart for your speech in Gaza confirming that Hamas wants no compromise with the Jewish state which, you said, must be liberated, destroyed, “inch by inch.”

Why am I moved to thank you?

I’ll tell you very frankly.

You have solved what was threatening to become a serious problem for me.

The problem?

For some months past European leaders and even people with an inside track to my very, very dear friend Barak Obama have been telling me that I do not understand Hamas’s real position.

Time and time again I have been told that if I want to do what is best for Israel, I must look beyond the rhetoric Hamas leaders use to keep hope alive in the hearts and minds of their supporters and Palestinians everywhere.

Magen David

Hamas’s real position, I have been told, is that while it will never, ever, recognize Israel’s right to exist, it is prepared to accept the reality of Israel’s existence inside its pre-1967 borders, The obvious implication, I have been told time and time again, is that Hamas has become pragmatic and is prepared to negotiate on the basis of an end to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem, to enable the creation of a Palestinian state which would live in peace with an Israel as envisaged by the letter and spirit of UN Security Council Resolution 242.

I have even been shown “evidence” in the form of newspaper reports which quoted you and other Hamas leaders categorically stating your readiness for peace or at least “a permanent truce” with an Israel inside its pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem the capital of a Palestinian state or an undivided Jerusalem the capital of two states.

We both know this is a deception on Hamas’s part. You revealed its true face in your speech in Gaza. You want to destroy the Jewish state.

Thanks to what you said in Gaza, I can now look European and other leaders in the eye and say, “It’s not me who doesn’t understand Hamas’s real position, it’s you.” And if they continue to tell me I should accept Hamas as a party to negotiations, I can and will tell them to go to hell.

As I told my cabinet colleagues shortly after you had spoken in Gaza, if we handed over territory in Judea and Samaria, we’d be inviting rocket and missile attacks from there on Tel Aviv. And that, I told my colleagues, is why no government I lead will ever bow to international pressure and put Israel’s security at risk.

The old year is about to end and my wish is that you won’t see a new one. [End Quote]

Reporting journalist Alan Hart: All I want to add for the sake of discussion of the kind I once had with Arafat is this.

The notion that a Palestinian state would launch attacks on Israel from the liberated West Bank is absurd in the extreme. What would happen if it did? Arafat’s answer in more or less the following words was this: “The Israeli Goliath would roll over the mini Palestinian state and crush it out of existence, and it would do so with the understanding and support of the world.”

Arafat added, and surely he was right, that having struggled so long for some justice, his people would not be mad enough to give Israel the pretext to close the Palestine file for ever.

The only madness is in the mind of Netanyahu and more than a few of his cabinet colleagues.

And one more point. The man who is contributing most to the process that may well lead to the destruction of the “Jewish state” is Netanyahu himself. If that was only my Gentile opinion it would not matter, but there is today a still small but growing number of Jews, including some Israelis, who are aware of this and saying so.

In that light Meshal could respond to Netanyahu’s letter with these words: “No, prime minister, it is me who has to thank you for what you are doing to destroy your state!” Full story:

Comment: The prophets Daniel, Zechariah, Jesus, Luke and John concur with Brother Alan Hart.

Fabricating WMD ‘Evidence’: Israeli Covert Operation inside Syria to ‘Track Chemical Arsenal’

December 11, 2012 — Israel is conducting a covert cross-border operation directed against Syria in liaison with NATO and the Pentagon. After looking for a “smoking gun” in Iran earlier this year, Israeli special forces are now “tracking” Syria’s “stocks of chemical and biological weapons,” according to The Sunday Times.

“The cross-border operation is part of a secret war to trail Syria’s non-conventional armaments and sabotage their development. ‘For years we’ve known the exact location of Syria’s chemical and biological munitions,’ an Israeli source said, referring to the country’s spy satellites and drones. ‘But in the past week we’ve got signs that munitions have been moved to new locations'” (Uzi Mahnaimi and Lucy Fisher, Israel tracks Syria’s Chemical Arsenal, The Sunday Times 9 December 2012).

. . . “Israeli intelligence was a full partner with the US and Britain in developing a false picture of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction capability,” said the author of the report, retired Brigadier General Shlomo Brom. “It badly overestimated the Iraqi threat to Israel and reinforced the American and British belief that the weapons existed.”

According to intelNews: “. . . Israel’s covert activities against the Syrian government’s chemical and biological arsenal go back almost 30 years. Reputedly, some of the more recent such activities may have involved the targeting of Russian scientists.

“Israeli intelligence was a full partner with the US and Britain in developing a false picture of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction capability,” said the author of the report, retired Brigadier General Shlomo Brom. “It badly overestimated the Iraqi threat to Israel and reinforced the American and British belief that the weapons existed.”
Full story: The truth of the matter is that the Western military alliance is not only supporting the terrorist, including the Al Nusra Front, it is also making chemical weapons available to its proxy “opposition” rebel forces Full story:

Benghazi Terrorists armed by Obama

December 12, 2012 — When two weapons linked to Fast and Furious were discovered at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, the Obama Administration went into cover-up mode. They didn’t want America to know that they had been sending thousands of AK-47s to violent Mexican drug cartels in order to “trace” the weapons to the cartel kingpins. [But why, were they undercutting the CIA’s narco-business]?

Of course, it was all a scam to blame gun dealers on the border for feeding drug cartel violence and restricting Americans’ Second Amendment rights. [Pull the other leg! However the Connecticuit elementary school shooting would appear to be yet another black op with that objective following the pattern of Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre, allegedly a MOSSAD operation in which 34 persons were shot in the head, an innocent man imprisoned for life, and private firearms confiscated). But what if this time it wasn’t thousands of AK-47s, but tens of thousands of rocket-propelled grenades) and shoulder-fired missiles? What if the Obama administration wasn’t supplying weapons to Mexican drug cartels, but Islamic extremists? And what if four Americans were murdered using these weapons? . . .

If Obama would have let on that he knew the Islamic group Ansar al-Sharia was responsible for the attack of the Benghazi consulate [CIA safe house], he would have risked America finding out he supplied the weapons. If he would have sent help to protect our [3] brave men (Ambassador Stevens was the point man for the gun-running to al-Qaeda), some low-grade soldier might have picked up an RPG left behind and found Barack Obama’s fingerprints all over it; and the whole house of cards would have come tumbling down.

That is why there was the idiotic story of a “protest turned violent” from an obscure anti-Muslim YouTube video. That is why Obama refused to send help. That is why Obama had to blame “bad intelligence” for the story. That is why David Petraeus had to be purged from the CIA for refusing to play “pin the tail on the YouTube video”. . .
Full story:


Full story:


Question from a Subscriber

Subscriber: I know we’ve spoken about this before—I would appreciate your revelation on this subject. Lucifer knew (or did he?) God’s plan and therefore wanted His glory and to take the world for himself. Would it be that he knew this after he was cast out of heaven?

Response: Lucifer will not be cast down to earth until the manifestation of the Sixth Seal, Seventh Trumpet and Seventh Vial at the close of the Gentile dispensation. Luke 10:18 describes a vision portraying a future event (John 12:28-32; Revelation 12:7-13).

Lucifer was God’s right hand man in fellowship, a Cherub commissioned to guide people to the Lord, so he knew God’s plans for Michael who is Christ (Ezekiel 28:14). He was the sum of wisdom and beauty but not revelation, and his vicarious children are the sum of worldly and religious intellectualism without faith and run worldly education, media, entertainments Hollywood, cosmetics, fashion and other vanities. His carnal wisdom reasoned “By Deception Thou shalt do War,” therefore simply by repositioning a player as one “castles” the Rook in Chess he should defeat Michael’s Kingdom of eternal Life by creating his own kingdom of perpetual life and death rather as he has with the perpetual moneymaking fraud of Babylonian fractional reserve banking.

Lucifer knew there was an affinity between the Serpent and the human race, and that as Adam was the spoken Word made flesh he could not be deceived on the revealed Word. By the same token he knew Eve was not a spoken Word of God, not original creation but a byproduct under submission to her husband who must inquire of God the meaning of life and all things. Lucifer saw how he could inspire, possess or incarnate the upright man-like Serpent creature to engage Eve in conversation and employ the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life in order to deceive her into reasoning against God’s ban and believe he was actually showing her how to she could fulfill His command to “multiply and fill the earth,” then teach her ‘dumb’ husband the mystery yet unrevealed to him. Once Eve was deceived by Lucifer’s reasoning the Serpent seduced her and fathered Cain who is not in Adam’s race, thus his descendants are not in the Book of Life, irredeemable, and “at enmity with God and the descendants of the first and the last Adam” (Genesis 3).

Subscriber: The Serpent was created with seed that could mix with Adamic ovum. When Lucifer incarnate the Serpent he obviously knew he had this affinity. So when did he know this? I hope that makes sense.

Response: I believe I have answered this. Now we see apostate governments and churches (by reasoning against the revealed Word of God) have received the hiss of the Serpent are compliant, even encouraging the assimilation of Cain’s race into Adamic once-Christian lands precisely as in about 125BC apostate Judah under John Hyrcanus circumcised and assimilated the Edomites who are predominantly Serpent’s seed, and in about AD740 Talmudic rabbis from Babylon assimilated their Khazar kinsmen. Nowadays the governments and churches of once Christian nations applaud miscegenation as Lucifer planned in the beginning and as Jesus foretold for this day (Matthew 24:37; Genesis 6:1-4). The second Eve, the apostate worldly church, is deceived and repeating the original sin.

Subscriber: I know this all comes back to God’s foreknowledge, because the Serpent was created with seed that could mix. But the Serpent obviously knew this.

Response: He could see the physical likeness between he and his mate and Adam and his wife, and being pure animal copulated with Mrs. Serpent who had produced his offspring, but I suspect he did not consider the possibility until he was spiritually possessed by Lucifer. He a place for a soul but no soul; and once Lucifer had occupied that place he doubtless found no difficulty in causing the Serpent to lust after Eve, and Eve to lust after his secret knowledge and the experience she could “teach” her ‘dumb’ husband (Genesis 3:16; Job 14:1; 15:14; I Corinthians 14:34-35; II Corinthians 11:1-4; I Timothy 2:11-15, etc).

Subscriber: So when did he know—is what I’m curious to know, otherwise it all points back to his falling before everything was physically created, and that’s obvious anyway as it was always in God’s foreknowledge.

Response: Being omniscient God knew from the foundation of the world that Lucifer would fall, and that he would employ the instrument of the Serpent to facilitate his evil purpose. Ezekiel 28:11-19 describes the devious plan of deception Lucifer harboured as “iniquity,” however unlike Section 18C of the Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act 1975, legislation crafted by Jewish attorney Joseph Ribakoff to win a nation-wide competition in the USA organized by the ADL, God did not condemn even Lucifer for expressing his thoughts but for the fruit or actions resulting from those thoughts (Matthew 15:17-20). (Ribakoff was subsequently suspended for defrauding his clients).

The devious purpose of Ribakoff’s craft, which is infecting apostate (once) Christian nations throughout the world like a virus, is to engender discord and hatred among inassimilable legal and illegal aliens flooding the world through the rapine of ‘the City of London.’ These unfortunate innocent people and the many criminals in their number are pawns in the game of those Jesus Christ identified as descendants of Cain whose purpose is to divide and conquer the world for Lucifer’s soon-coming totalitarian one world government. Governments admitting Lucifer’s unfortunate, unwanted, unwelcome pawns are betraying Christian principles set forth by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from Genesis to Revelation and inviting miscegenation with the children of Cain which is genocide to Adam’s race.

Subscriber: There had to be a fall.

Response: Yes of course, but a just God could not arbitrarily cause man to fall so He placed us on the basis of free moral agency as he placed Lucifer and the Serpent on free moral agency, and formed woman as a byproduct of Adam. Woman is the only being that is not Spoken Word original creation. Unlike most of His creatures she was designed so that she can fall. Whereas most male animals are beautiful and the females are plain, the woman is beautiful and the man is plain, and whereas most females copulate only to reproduce, woman can cohabit whenever she chooses (Proverbs 30:18-20). She was made that way so she can deceive and be deceived with a sacred virtue to hold in trust and told the consequences of the fall, but she sought to reason against God’s Word and is the cause of every death, age and sickness.

Before the foundation of the earth God’s purpose was to share His Eternal Life with man. Ephesians 1:4-11, “According as He has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love: having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He has made us accepted in the beloved. In Whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace; wherein He has abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence; having made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He has purposed in Himself: that in the dispensation of the fullness of times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in Him: in Whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of Him Who works all things after the counsel of His own will”.

Revelation 13:8, “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him (Satan) whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world”.

But that Life could not, and would not, be shared in any other way than through the way of “God manifest in the flesh.” This is the Law of the Kinsman Redeemer described in Leviticus 25, in the Book of Ruth, and fulfilled under the Law of Moses in Jesus Messiah who was crucified on the hour, day, month and year and in the place and by the people as prophesied by Moses, David, Isaiah, Daniel and many other prophets.

This was a part of His eternal and predestinated purpose. This plan was to be to the praise of the glory of His grace. It was the plan of Redemption. It was the plan of Salvation. Now listen closely. God being a Saviour, it was necessary that He predestinate a man who would require salvation in order to give Himself reason and purpose of being.

Romans 11:36, “For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are ALL THINGS: to Whom be GLORY for ever. Amen.”

Man could not directly come and partake of that Tree of Life in the midst of the garden. That Eternal Life of the Tree had to become flesh first. But before God could raise and save a sinner, He had to have a sinner to raise and save. Man had to fall. The fall which would be caused by Satan, had to have flesh to make fall. Satan had to come through flesh also. But Satan could not come through human flesh to make the fall as would Christ come in human flesh to restore the fallen.

But there was an animal, the Serpent, so close to man that Satan could get to that beast and through that beast he could get to human flesh and cause the fall, and inject himself thereby into the human race, even as Jesus would one day come and inject Himself into the human race, into human bodies, even to the extent of a resurrection wherein we would have bodies like unto His glorified one. Thus what God worked out here in the garden was His predestinated plan. And when Satan had brought about that which was necessary to the purpose of God, then man could not get to the Tree of Life in the Garden. Certainly not. It wasn’t time. But an animal (animal had caused the fall had it not? let animal life be shed) was taken and his blood shed and then God had communion with man again.

Then there was to come a day when God would appear in flesh, and by means of His humiliation He would restore fallen man and make him a partaker of that Life Eternal. Once you see this, you can understand the Serpent seed and know that it was no apple Eve ate. No, it was the degradation of humanity by intermingling the seed. For further understanding please study The Original Sin and linked teachings, proving all things in your own Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Jewish Groups push ‘Multiculturalism’

February 27, 2011 — The new buzz word is “multiculturalism,” which is evidently a code word for “Islamization,” as it is really the culture of Islam that is at the heart of the current debate about “multiculturalism.” Over the past few months, major European leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and Britain’s David Cameron have come forth to pronounce “multiculturalism” a failure. Yet, Europe has been welcoming immigrants into its fold for decades and centuries, with no serious problems for the most part. Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Americans and many others have all settled in European lands, assimilating relatively well and contributing somewhat at least to the native cultures there. It is only with the flood of immigrants from Muslim countries that suddenly “multiculturalism” has become a bad thing.

the trail of the Serpent from east to westOne must wonder, therefore, why so many Jewish organizations have been pushing for “multiculturalism” in Europe and elsewhere, especially since the upswing of “anti-Semitism” in Europe, for one, is significantly traceable to the Muslim population there? If, as one group claims, forcing Europe to become “multicultural” is for the purpose of increasing “tolerance” towards Jews and to prevent another Holocaust, then the plan would seem to be failing miserably, as Jews are now fleeing once-relatively enlightened places such as the Swedish city of Malmö, which is now largely Muslim, because of anti-Semitic attacks.
Full story:

Comment: The author is looking at the subterfuge designed to ensure the compliance of Jewish ‘pawns’ with Satan’s objective which is to diminish Michael’s Kingdom by miscegenation as he has caused billions of Israelites and Gentiles who have hydrid His unchanging Word with human reasoning, and so transform it from Life to Death and disqualify themselves from salvation as at Kadesh Barnea (Romans 11:32; Revelation 22:18-19).

The Agenda of Esau/Edom


The destruction of Adam’s race by multiculturalism, particularly white Christian peoples, is a repetition of the original sin foretold by Jesus Messiah (Matthew 24:37; Genesis 6:1-4) and announced by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest on January 12, 1952 concerning progress towards their NWO. He said in part:

“Greetings, my children: You have been called her to recapitulate the principal steps of our new program. As you know, we had hoped to have twenty years between wars to consolidate the great gains which we made from World War II, but our increasing numbers in certain vital areas is arousing opposition to us, and we must now work with every means at our disposal to precipitate World War III within five years.” [They did not precipitate World War III but they instigate the Korean War when on June 25, 1950 they ordered the North Korean army to launch a surprise attack on South Korea. On June 26, the UN Security Council condemned the invasion as aggression and ordered withdrawal of the invading forces. Then on June 27, 1950, Jewish American President Truman ordered air and naval units into action to enforce the UN order. Not achieving their full goals, they instigated the overthrow of South Vietnam. Ngo Dinh Diem deposed the monarchy under Emperor Bao Dai in 1955 and established a republic with himself as President. With strong US backing he create an authoritarian regime, which developed into a full-scale war with Jewish pressure escalating US involvement].

“The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave (Applause from the gathering). You remember the success of our propaganda campaign during the 1930’s, which aroused anti-American passions in Germany at the same time we were arousing anti-German passions in America, a campaign which culminated in the Second World War. A similar propaganda campaign is now being waged intensively throughout the world. A war fever is being worked up in Russia by an incessant anti-American barrage while a nation-wide anti-Communist scare is sweeping America. This campaign is forcing all the smaller nations to choose between the partnership of Russia or an alliance with the United States.”

“Our most pressing problem at the moment is to inflame the lagging militaristic spirit of the Americans. The failure of the Universal Military Training Act was a great setback to our plans, but we are assured that a suitable measure will be rushed through Congress immediately after the 1952 elections. The Russians, as well as the Asiatic peoples, are well under control and offer no objections to war, but we must wait to secure the Americans. This we hope to do with the issue of Anti-Semitism, which worked so well in uniting the Americans against Germany. We are counting heavily on reports of anti-Semitic outrages in Russia to whip up indignation in the United States and produce a front of solidarity against the Soviet power. Simultaneously, to demonstrate to Americans the reality of anti-Semitism, we will advance through new sources large sums of money to outspokenly anti-Semitic elements in America to increase their effectiveness, and we shall stage Anti-Semitic outbreaks in several of their largest cities. This will serve the double purpose of exposing reactionary sectors in America, which then can be silenced, and of welding the United States into a devoted anti-Russian unit. [Protocol No. 9:2 states that anti-Semitism is a device of the so-called Jews. At the time of this speech they had already commenced their campaign of anti-Semitism in Czechoslovakia].”

“Within five years, this program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against the Gentiles.”

“We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”

Question from the gathering: “Rabbi Rabinovich, what about the various religions after the Third World War”?

Rabinovich: “There will be no more religions. Not only would the existence of a priest class remain a constant danger to our rule, but belief in an after-life would give spiritual strength to irreconcilable elements in many countries, and enable them to resist us. We will, however, retain the rituals and customs of Judaism as the mark of our hereditary ruling caste, strengthening our racial laws so that no Jew will be allowed to marry outside our race, nor will any stranger be accepted by us. [Protocol No. 17:2].”

“We may have to repeat the grim days of World War II, when we were forced to let the Hitlerite bandits sacrifice some of our people, in order that we may have adequate documentation and witnesses to legally justify our trial and execution of the leaders of America and Russia as war criminals, after we have dictated the peace. [There is certainly an amounting abundance of such evidence]. I am sure you will need little preparation for such a duty, for sacrifice has always been the watchword of our people, and the death of a few thousand lesser Jews in exchange for world leadership is indeed a small price to pay.”

“To convince you of the certainty of that leadership, let me point out to you how we have turned all of the inventions of the White Man into weapons against him. His printing presses and radios are the mouthpieces of our desires, and his heavy industry manufactures the instruments which he sends out to arm Asia and Africa against him. [Brother Branham said, “paying other nations to be our buddies, and we find out they’ve turned heels against us just as soon they can . . . And you can’t buy friendship with money. Friendship is a gift of God” (What Does Thou Here, #59-0301E)]. Our interests in Washington are greatly extending the Point Four Program [i.e. Colombo Plan] for developing industry in backward areas of the world, so that after the industrial plants and cities of Europe and America are destroyed by atomic warfare, the Whites can offer no resistance against the large masses of the dark races, who will maintain an unchallenged technological superiority.”
And so, with the vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching day when Israel will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World” [Illuminati means ‘Holder of the Light’]” (Pawns in the Game by Captain William Guy Carr, p. 104-106).

A Racial Plan for the 20th Century

The following declaration of intent given in 1912 by senior British Communist theoretician, Israel Cohen:

“The ‘Race-Mixing’ program: We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension . . . In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. [They have employed this psychology against the Germans, South Africans, Canadians and Australians in relation to their aboriginal peoples, but never against non-Semitic Israeli so-called Jews who have dispossessed native Israelite and Arab peoples. It was actually Jewry who purchased, shipped, traded and predominantly Jewry who worked slaves, both white and Negro, in the New World]. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause” (Who’s Who in the World Zionist Conspiracy, James Combs, p. 40).

In Myron C. Fagan’s booklet UN is Spawn of the Illuminati, published in October-November, 1966, he elaborates on this matter in greater detail (p. 16-18):

“Around 1910, one Israel Zangwill wrote a play which he called ‘The Melting Pot.’ The central figure in the play was a very young Jewish boy, who ostensibly was a violinist of wonderful talent. According to the plot in the play, certain people were eager to reveal his great talents to the world and they tried to lease the Carnegie Music Hall for a concert, but the management of the Carnegie refused, ostensibly because the boy was a Jew. However, very great pressures were brought to bear on the management, and they consented to the engagement. Then—and this was still part of the play—it was discovered that the young violinist insisted upon a young Negro pianist being his accompanist. Again the management exploded—they had a rigid rule against Negroes performing in their Music Hall. But, again tremendous pressure was brought to bear on them—and they finally surrendered.

“All that was part of the play. Now, I come to the point of establishing that ‘The Melting Pot’ was sheer propaganda, embodied in a good evening’s entertainment. The idea in the play was that the United States should be a ‘Melting Pot’ for the Minority Groups, but especially for the Jews and Negroes. And that was the way the Critics viewed it—and the way the audiences accepted it. As a result of the reviews, the play was a sensational success. Nobody who saw the play recognized the propaganda in it—not even I. Well, as far back as 1910, [in 1966] 56 years ago, there was no reason to suspect [propaganda]. We all accepted what Zangwill said—that it was all a case of ‘humanitarianism’—they used that word that far back . . . Now, get the following!

“George Bernard Shaw, Israel Zangwill and another English (Jewish) writer, named Israel Cohen, composed the triumvirate that launched ‘Fabian Socialism’ in England. And all three were zealous supporters of Marxism.

“Both Shaw and Cohen came to America to attend the opening of the Zangwill play. Following the performance, Diamond Jim Brady, a famous character of those days, threw a banquet at Delmonico’s for the Cast and the author—and invited many Broadway celebrities to attend. I was one of the invited. There, for the first time, I met Israel Cohen—I had previously known Shaw in England. During the evening, Cohen mentioned that he was writing a book, which was to be titled: ‘A Racial Program for the 20th Century.’ Cohen described it as a ‘humanitarian’ follow-up in book form of ‘The Melting Pot.’

“At that time that meant nothing to me. When the book was published I did not get a copy of it—I wasn’t that interested in it.

“It first came to my attention shortly after [Earl] Warren issued his infamous ‘Desegregation Decision’, and it was brought to my attention by an article published by the Washington Star, in which they quoted the following passage from Cohen’s ‘A Racial Program Of The 20th Century’ and it read as I quote:

“We must realize that our most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro Minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige the Negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our Cause.

“Following the publication of that story, Congressman Abernathy, after checking the ‘Star’, and himself reading the book, published the same quote in the ‘Congressional Record.’ That [book] was published in 1913 . . . the [Judaeo-Communist] National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) were created almost simultaneously to carry out those directives. [Actually, the ADL was created in 1913 to defend the bisexual pedophile and suspected drug addict president of Atlanta B’nai B’rith, Leo Frank, who brutally raped and murdered this 12 year-old employee Mary Phagan of whom he demanded sex]. That was more than a half-century ago. Can there be any doubt that that was intended to launch our present Negro upheaval for a Black Revolution?

“If that isn’t enough evidence, in 1935, the Communist Party’s ‘Workers Library Publishers’ issued a pamphlet entitled The Negroes in a Soviet America.’ It urged the Negroes to rise up, especially in the South, and form a Soviet State in the South, and apply for admission into the Soviet Union . . . it contained implicit assurance that the ‘revolt’ would be supported by all American Reds, and on page 38 it promised that a Soviet government would confer greater benefits on Negroes than on Whites and that ‘Any act of discrimination or prejudice against a Negro will become a crime under the Revolutionary law’ . . . [as under USSR law active anti-Semites are liable to the death penalty, and anyone found to be in possession of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion would be shot on sight.

“And the Warren ‘Desegregation Decision’ transformed all those Communist directives into rigid law of the land. Furthermore, by his own admission, [Earl] Warren ignored our Constitution when he wrote that ‘Decision,’ admitting that he based it on the ‘modern scientific authority’ of one Gunnar Myrdal, a Swedish Socialist, whose book publicly proclaimed contempt for our Constitution and hatred for our form of government. Can there be any doubt that that ‘Decision’ was framed to conform with these Communist Directives? . . .

“. . . When Abernathy published that Israel Cohen excerpt in the Congressional Record, we [the Cinema Educational Guild, Inc.] promptly issued a ‘News-Bulletin’ in which we published the entire story and warned of the coming Negro uprisings…

“Two years went by and nobody even tried to deny the matter, but, suddenly, after two years, during which the ADL and similar groups had ferreted out ALL copies of the book and destroyed them, they announced that the whole thing was a fraud, that there never had been such a book, or an ‘Israel Cohen’ . . . Why did they wait two years? and how could they deny the existence of a writer named Israel Cohen in the face of all the books he had written? copies of which I have. More important, bear in mind that Israel Cohen had been a prime mover in all ‘Fabian Socialist’ and Communist movements in England—also that I had met him in person when he actually discussed the book at that banquet.”


In or about 1980, a book was published by Bantam Books entitled The Jewish Almanac, and is described as “A Celebration Of Jewish Life And The Jewish People. A Fact-filled Book Of Information and Entertainment. Traditions, History, Religion, Wisdom, Achievements. Compiled And Edited By Richard Siegel And Carl Rheins With Extensive Illustrations, Maps And Charts.” On page 3 of this over 200 page book, under the heading “Identity Crisis; A Brief History of the Terms for ‘Jew'”, it says:

“Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.’ The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all, and contemporary Palestinians, by their own definition of the term ‘Palestinian’, have to include Jews among their own people—although in choosing the name ‘Palestine’ for their homeland signified the opposite: an enclave of foreigners”.

From this, it should be quite obvious the “Jews” know who they are! [And who they are NOT]. Don’t you think it is about time the “Christians” know this too? Don’t you think it is about time we stop repeating the LIE that “the ‘Jews’ are ‘God’s’ chosen people”? The pastors of today have everything just the opposite to the way things really are.

In the publication Liberal Judaism, January, 1949, there was an article entitled “Liberal Judaism and Israel,” written by one of their greatest and most renowned Rabbis, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver. Dr. Silver, writing about the then new State of Israel, says:

“. . . the Jewish Nation is thus an accomplished fact. The State of Israel exists. As a result the concept of the wandering Jew is bound eventually to disappear along with the term (galut) exile. All nations send forth immigrants to all parts of the world. People are continually moving from one country to another, and change their citizenship, but they are not regarded as exiles. This fact alone—the end of national exile for the Jewish people . . . is destined to affect favorably the psyche of the Jew throughout the world. It will endow the Jew, wherever he lives, with a self respect and a sense of security, a normal tone, long-wanting in Jewish experience. For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a ‘wanderer’ over the face of the earth has been removed . . . [cf. Gen. 4:12]”.

I would like to cite another Communist by the name of Ernest Fremont Tittle, a onetime minister at the M.E. Church at Evanston, Illinois. Elizabeth Dilling, in her monumental work The Red Network, speaks of an incident which happened at his church back in the 1930’s, page 37:

“The time was, when Methodism, in its zeal for personal purity, frowned upon dancing. Some Methodists nowadays who are little opposed to dancing, even in a church were a bit surprised, however, when several colored men were introduced into circle dances at a dance given in the parish house of Tittle’s church and were thus forced upon the young white girls as partners. An M.E. Guide member whose daughter attended this dance reported that when she phoned the assistant pastor about this he said that these colored men had been invited by Dr. Tittle himself (one of them being the son of a classmate of his at college), who felt that it was now time that the young people learned to mingle with other races. (God created separate races, but Communism insists upon racial inter-mixture and inter-marriage)”.

Elizabeth Dilling went on in her book The Red Network, written in the 1930’s, saying this on page 36:

“The Negroes are made to believe that the Communists practiced complete racial and social equality and that only when a communist Government is set up in the United States will the Negroes obtain equality and freedom from exploitation by the ‘white bosses’, and in order to attract and impress the Negro, the Communists make a point of encouraging mixed social functions where white women Communists dance with Negro men, and white men Communists dance with Negro women. It is openly advocated that there must be complete social and racial equality between the whites and Negroes even to the extent of intermarriage.” [As this was written in the mid 1930’s, we have come a long way].

This is NOT the only background on the “Jews.” Not only are the “Jews” NOT the “chosen people”, but by their own words, we can know who they really are. While they have a multi-racial background, it may surprise many of you that they are essentially descendants of Cain and Esau-Edom [Matthew 23:33-36; Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XIII, 9:1; The Jewish Encyclopedia (1905) Vol. X, p. 284; Vol. XI p. 533; The Biblica Encyclopedia, Vol. 2, p. 1187; Encyclopedia Judaica (1971) Vol. 6, p. 378; and The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (1977) p. 589. In 129BC Ammouius wrote, “The Idumeans were . . . subdued by the Jews [i.e. Judahites under John Hyrcanus in 123BC and compelled to be circumcised, and to unite into one nation, and be subject to the same laws, they were called Jews”].

Are you one of those who have swallowed the vicious LIE promoted in the melting pot‘? Miscegenation with Cain’s race is genocide to Adam’s race! nl767.htm

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