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The New World Order is “Communism”

October 29, 2009

Bible Believers’ Newsletter #605
“We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . .”
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We especially welcome our new subscribers. Please study the links, “prove all things”, and write us with your questions and suggestions. As I am trying to devote myself to study I may not be preparing a main article for the next few issues so if after searching our Website you have a question that remains unanswered we will seek to answer for the edification of all readers.

There are an extraordinary number of news items this week. The links on the article about the genocidal man-made swine flu hoax should not be neglected, because it concerns you personally, and your community, wherever you live.

Once again we welcome contributing author Professor Henry Makow, PhD, known to many of you through his own Website, His article exposes the objectives of the satanic minds behind Communism. God is the Creator full of grace whose perfect will that no one should perish, but He allows the natural and spiritual Serpent’s seed to destroy evil and has made Communism His servant to destroy the false church as He made Nebuchadnezzar His servant to destroy His Temple and the kingdom of Judah, initiating Gentile dominion over Jerusalem unto the consummation.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


Obama declares Swine Flu a National Emergency
October 24, 2009 – President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency, giving his health chief the power to let hospitals move emergency rooms offsite to speed treatment and protect noninfected patients.

The declaration, signed Friday night and announced Saturday, comes with the disease more prevalent than ever [sic] in the country and production delays undercutting the government’s initial, optimistic estimates that as many as 120 million doses of the vaccine could be available by mid-October. . .

The government now hopes to have about 50 million doses of swine flu vaccine out by mid-November and 150 million in December. The flu virus has to be grown in chicken eggs, and the yield hasn’t been as high as was initially hoped, officials have said. Full story: Cheerleader develops dystonia after receiving vaccine. Dr. Gary Null exposes the racketeering and greed of BigPharma, the ineffectiveness of swine ‘flu vaccinations which have never been objectively and independently tested and peer-reviewed. Take the time to listen to these links.

Comment: If I understand the ‘setup’: Mr. Obama (whoever he may be) can now declare martial law, a giant step towards Lucifer’s totalitarian one world government . . . . and it will be necessary if Los Angeles takes a swim come Nisan 14. Please listen to Dr. Rauni Kilde, Finnish Minister of Health expose swine flu black op. Then read the genocidal facts from the WHO website with the objective of global depopulation.


Bunker Buster Bomb carries Goal of deterring Iran
October 23, 2009 – Even as Washington emphasizes walking softly to pry Iran away from its nuclear ambitions [sic], the Pentagon is speeding the manufacture of its own big stick.

This month, the Defense Department awarded $51.9 million to McDonnell Douglas to more quickly adapt a 30,000-pound bunker buster to the B-2 stealth bomber. The GBU-57 bomb and the fleet of B-2s—stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base with occasional deployments to Guam and an outpost in the Indian Ocean—are widely seen as the likeliest US military option for setting back Tehran’s hopes for building nuclear weapons. . . Full story:

Comment: Terrorist US is the Godless, bloodthirsty image of the beast of Imperial Rome whose goal is to provoke peaceful Iran to rash action. The Prophet said, God raised up Judaeo-Communism to destroy the Roman Catholic false church, and its apostate (once) Protestant image (Revelation 13; 17; 18).


Are Israel & the US Cornered
Israel now faces war crimes charges at the Hague. Yes, the United States will veto the Goldstone Report in the Security Council, but the ringer in the deal is that the General assembly, under Resolution 377, can bypass the Security Council and send the Goldstone Report to the Hague, and the United States and Israel cannot stop it. Earlier this year, the General Assembly voted through a resolution requesting Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and submit to the exact same IAEA inspections that Iran (and every other NNPT signatory) submits to. Israel refused. The fact that Israel and the United States were not able to deflect this Resolution tell us that the General Assembly has lost all patience with Israel. The credibility of the UN as a world governing body is on the line. The probability that the General Assembly will bypass the Security Council is therefore very high. A war with Iran would have distracted the media from Israel’s war crimes charges. That seems not likely to happen now. . .

Israel has to live with their war crimes charges. The US has to live with their ruined economy and failed wars, and public anger. Both Israel and the US are showing themselves as desperate to block Israel war crimes charges from progressing, and may have wasted that political capital in vain if the UN General; Assembly invokes Resolution 377.

So, in short, Israel and the US are cornered politically. Cornered animals are the most dangerous and desperate. Our future is in the hands of whichever leader is the least mentally stable, and ready to hit the panic button. That panic move; that striking out from the corner could be something subtle like a new false-flag “terror” attack, or something as straightforward as simply attacking Iran without provocation. . . Full story:


Meanwhile, back in Cold Reality…
October 17, 2009 – 20 per cent of the entire United States was last week covered in snow, the greatest October snow cover the country had known for years (see this). Similarly unseasonable snowfalls blanketed central Europe and the Alps. Freak October snows caused traffic chaos in New Zealand. Hundreds of Tibetan herdsmen had to be rescued when blizzards swept their summer pastures weeks early.

This is now the third year running when there have been signs of an abnormally cold winter across large parts of the world. Last year’s October snowfalls in the US broke records which in some cases had stood for over a century, prefacing one of America’s coldest winters for decades. This summer’s Arctic ice-melt stopped nearly 1 million square kilometres short of its record low in 2007. Around Antarctica this year’s sea ice-melt was the lowest recorded since satellite data began in 1979, leaving the ice 30 per cent above its 30-year average. . . Full story:

Comment: Senator Barnaby Joyce revealed: “The Australian Emissions Trading Scheme is merely a policy, a political statement, a gesture. The cost to the Australian citizen of this massive new tax associated with it, is very real however. If you are involved in the emission of carbon, which might be from anything as obscure as ironing your clothes, cooking dinner, putting fertiliser on your field or pouring a concrete slab for your house, you will pay the tax.

“You may not see it but you will definitely pay it. The removal of wealth from your life and transferred to the Treasury will be discernable, with the commission going to stock brokers and bankers on the way through.

“I have to query, is the purpose of the Emissions Trading Scheme to cool the planet, which clearly it will not do, or is it to prop up a parlous state of our Government finances? The more I hear, the more I am inclined to the latter. Australians will deliver tens of billions of dollars to the Treasury by reason of this tax in the near future.

“There is far more empirical evidence in what it will cost you, the resident of Australia, than any scientific evidence that an emissions scheme will do anything for the climate. . . Full story:


Was Elvis Jewish?
October 24, 2009 – In 1998, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled, “All Shook Up in the Holy Land” exposing Elvis Presley’s unlikely Jewish lineage. Apparently, Elvis’ maternal great-great grandmother, Nancy Burdine, was a Jew. Her daughter gave birth to Doll Mansell who gave birth to Gladys Smith who gave birth to Elvis. . . according to Jewish law . . . that makes Elvis Presley Jewish. . .

Elvis grew up in “the Pinch”—the Jewish quarter of Memphis where his mother worked in the “shmata business,” a predominantly Jewish enterprise at the time. As a teenager the future king was the “Shabbos goy” (i.e. performed tasks otherwise prohibited to Jews on the Sabbath) for his upstairs neighbors at 462 Alabama Ave., Rabbi Alfred and Jeannette Fruchter, who was the Rabbi at the local synagogue. The Presleys regularly came over for Friday night dinner, and Elvis had a penchant for the Rebbetzin’s cooking. . . Full story:

Comment: Do you see how Brother Branham “gathered the loose ends”? “Judas got thirty pieces of silver; Elvis got a fleet of Cadillacs and a few million dollars for selling his birthright. . . Look at Elvis Presley, a 1947 version of Judas Iscariot, joins the Assemblies of God, Pentecostal, speaking in tongues for the Holy Ghost, and sent more souls to torment than all the bootleg joints there’s been in the last fifty years. Perverted the mind of little teenage children all over the world, till little girls would grab off their underclothes and throw it on the platform, and him to autograph, so vulgar that they won’t show him on the television from his waist down, the way he . . . his body. (The Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues for evidence). Oh, brother, if the Holy Ghost was there, It wouldn’t act like that. You know better than that. Certainly not. God loves cleanness and purity and holy” (Hebrews p. 191:159; 225:369).


Updates on Hardin, Montana, and China Flag on Whitehouse

October 27, 2009 – Brother Chuck Baldwin brings this update on the attempted takeover of the Hardin, Montana, jail facility by a private mercenary force and a Chinese story that the White House would fly the Communist Chinese flag in honor of the 60th anniversary of Mao’s as reported in Newsletters #598 and #601. Full story:


Hunting banned in Parts of Austria after Hailstones kill 90pc of Wild Game
October 19, 2009 – Hundreds of deer were discovered either dead or so badly injured they had to be put down by wildlife experts. In the country’s rural Salzburg province, 90 per cent of pheasants and 80 per cent of hares were killed in the hail storms.

Sepp Eder, the hunting chief, said: “Animals sought shelter in farms, in fields of grain but the hail was so heavy it smashed right into them. It may take five years for animal numbers to recover, if they ever do so”. . . Full story:

Comment: Imagine what a 100lb. hailstone will do (Revelation 16:21)? Or an asteroid!


Leading Church of England Bishops move closer to Vatican Defection
October 25, 2009 – The Bishop of Chichester, the Rt. Rev John Hind and the former Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, said they would consider converting to the Roman Catholic Church following the Pope’s offer to disaffected Anglicans.

Bishop Hind said he would be ‘happy’ to accept the olive branch extended by Rome because issues such as the consecration of women bishops and acceptance of gay clergy had created an unbridgeable division in the Anglican church. . . Full story:

Comment: While these decisions are extremely sinful and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams cares more about the Global Warming hoax and Sharia Law than for his own flock, the foolish defectors have insufficient unction of the Spirit to separate from Satan’s organized religion (Amos 3:3; Matthew 25:12; II Corinthians 6:14-18; Revelation 18:4).


Question from a Sister and a Brother
Sister: Since the Patriarch Israel was a man, why is it that the nation of Israel is referred to as “she” rather than “he”?

Answer: We know that God is male in designation, for when He manifest in virgin born flesh as the kinsman Redeemer for Adam’s race, He was the Man Jesus Messiah. In the Old Testament God says, “backsliding Israel . . . and her treacherous sister Judah” have “played the harlot . . . turn, O backsliding children, for I am married unto you” (Isaiah 57; Jeremiah 3; Ezekiel 16; Hosea 1-2).

So if God were married to Israel and God is masculine, then His wife must be feminine just as the elect Church, the Wife of Jesus Messiah is a woman, but unlike Israel she is a virgin to the Word.

Brother: The prophet said physical serpent seeds do no exist TODAY, having been washed off by the flood. So Jesus died for ALL men and ALL men are born equal.

Answer: Brother Branham said, “I don’t believe that. I believe this, that they were born there in Canaan, and they were born out of the group of Cain that was sent forth to the land of Nod. And he had a mark upon him and nobody would kill him, because of his murdering his [half-]brother. But if you notice, even the Israelites found some of those people when they went over there. They was so big, and he said they looked like grasshoppers up the side of them. Is that right? Hundreds and hundreds of years later there was great, burly men, big fellows. And sometimes they do dig up the carcass of them, and they find that they were great men” (COD, p. 77:Q10).

These amazing photographs vindicate the Scripture and the Prophet.


Settlers cut His Arm off for Throwing Stones
The ISM (International Solitary Movement) plants foreign activists in Israel’s worst areas, and their job is to protect, document, and photograph Israeli atrocities. The soldiers, and the settlers, hate them. Prof. Israel Shahak gives us a rabbi’s answer to an Israeli soldier who has asked whether or not it is proper to kill Arab women and children. In his answer the rabbi quotes from the Talmud: “The best of the Gentiles—kill him; the best of snakes—dash out its brains” (Jewish History, Jewish Religion ; Soferim 15, Rule 10; 1907 Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 617). Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983): “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves”. Full story:


Complaints against Prof. Hiss Continue
October 26, 2009 – The former #2 in the National Institute for Forensic Medicine (Abu Kabir) says he can’t understand why the director, found to have engaged in illegal harvesting of organs, is still the highest-paid person in the public sector. . . none other than Prof. Yehuda Hiss, who essentially heads the National Institute for Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir. . . Many complaints had been filed charging Hiss with unauthorized use of body parts . . . In July 2002, while Hiss was under police investigation for suspicions including the removal of organs from 81 deceased persons without familial consent. . .

In August 1999, for instance, Jerusalem District Court Judge Ruth Orr sharply criticized him for testifying that a 12-year-old Arab rock-thrower died as a result of a beating by Beitar security chief . . . Shimon Cohen of Arutz-7’s Hebrew News Magazine made another suggestion: “There have been rumors for years that Hiss simply knows too much . . . for instance he knows about the Rabin murder. Perhaps there is a fear that if he is fired, he might open his mouth . . .”
Full story:


How Israel wages War in Plain Sight
August 23, 2009 – To “wage war by way of deception” (the motto of the Israeli intelligence service) requires the capacity to operate in plain sight yet without detection. To detect this duplicity in real time requires a grasp of how Israeli strategists rely on three key categories of operatives: agents, assets and sayanim (Hebrew for helpers or volunteers).

Agents are fully conscious of the intended goal of an operation. Intent is what distinguishes premeditated murder from involuntary manslaughter. Culpability is gauged by the state of mind. Agents operate with what the law calls extreme malice and an “evil mind.” Thus the severity of the sanctions for premeditated capital crimes.

From 1981-1985, Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard stole 360 cubic feet of classified US intelligence documents on Soviet arms shipments, Pakistani nuclear weapons, Libyan air defense systems and other data sought by Tel Aviv. With oversight by only a few case officers (katsas), Israeli agents routinely manage sophisticated operations with the help of pre-staged assets and a network of sayanim.

Assets are people profiled such that—within an acceptable range of probabilities—they can be relied upon to behave consistent with their personality profile. Assets lack the state of mind required for traditional culpability due to their lack of intent. Assets contribute to an operation simply by pursuing their subconscious personal needs. Typically those needs are for recognition, influence, money, sex, drugs or the greatest drug of all: ideology.

Put a profiled asset in a pre-staged time, place and circumstance and Israeli psy-ops specialists can be confident that—within an acceptable range of probabilities—that person will perform consistent with their profile, much as Bill Clinton behaved with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Israelis are indifferent to political parties. Pro-Israeli assets include Christian Zionist presidents Harry Truman, a Democrat, and George W. Bush, a Republican. Both were reliable and pliable advocates for a geopolitical agenda pursued by an enclave of Zionist extremists. Truman granted them nation-state recognition while Bush dispatched the US military to help pursue their expansionist goals for Greater Israel. . . Full story:


The New World Order is “Communism”

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Most people think Communism is an ideology dedicated to public ownership and championing workers and the poor. This was a simple but incredibly successful ruse which duped hundreds of millions. The ideology appealed to people who want something for nothing—rather a large segment.

Communism is a form of monopoly capitalism with the State fronting for the monopoly capitalists. It’s no different from monopoly capitalism in the West except that the State is more totalitarian and more intrusive. This is what we can look forward to.

East or West, Communism is devoted to concentrating all wealth and power in the hands of the central banking cartel (the Rothschilds and their allies) by disguising it as State power. (The State is run by witting and unwitting agents of the Rothschilds. When the USSR dissolved, the national wealth was divided between mostly Jewish “oligarchs” who were fronts for the Rothschilds).

Any ideology that further concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the “State” is Communism in another guise. These ideologies—socialism, liberalism, fascism, zionism, neo-conservatism and feminism—are fronts for “Communism,” and are organized and funded by the central banking cartel.

The essence of the New World Order is Communist. Current events are all designed to increase government power. For example, the viruses that the Protocols of Zion mentioned over a hundred years ago, and threaten us now, are designed to force people to vaccinate or quarantine. They are tests to see how much government control people will docilely accept. That’s why it’s very important to resist vigorously. My hunch is that this is not the big plague but could very well be a dry run. Amazing how the mainstream media is so certain this is going to be serious.

We must ask ourselves why, when America is teetering on financial collapse, Obama would focus his energies on expanding health care? This is like a bankrupt man buying a Mercedes instead of getting a job. My friends say it is a diversion. It certainly fits the pattern of increasing government control.


After The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The Red Symphony is the best revelation of the real state of our world. “The Red Symphony” is a 1938 Stalinist Secret Police (NKVD) interrogation of Christian Rakovsky, a Soviet ambassador who was a close associate of Leon Trotsky, Rothschild’s agent. The text is online or in Des Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich.

I introduced this explosive 50-page document to my readers in 2003. It strips the veil from modern history and explains the real meaning of Revolution, Communism, Freemasonry and War. It was not intended to become public knowledge. The translator, a Dr. J. Landowsky, made an unauthorized copy.

The human experiment is endangered by private interests who have usurped the function of money creation everywhere. Modern history reflects the gradual process by which they transfer all wealth and power to themselves, destroying Western Civilization and creating a world police state. In 1938, he could say the whole world is controlled by the Rothschild syndicate of Sabbatean (Illuminati, Masonic) Jewish bankers and their allies.

Rakovsky, whose real name was Chaim Rakover, was sentenced to death in Stalin’s purge of the Trotskyite faction of the party. Leon Trotsky wrote in his autobiography, My Life, “Christian G. Rakovsky. . . played an active part in the inner workings of four Socialist parties—the Bulgarian, Russian, French, and Roumanian—to become eventually one of the leaders of the Soviet Federation, a founder of the Communist Internationale, President of the Iranian Soviet of People’s Commissaries, and the diplomatic Soviet representative in England and France . . .”

Rakovsky tried to convince his interrogator that the bankers created the Communist state as a “machine of total power” unprecedented in history. In the past, due to many factors, “there was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached.” (emphasis mine)

A pernicious force paralyzes our national life. Rakovsky identifies it: “Imagine to yourself, if you can a small number of people having unlimited power through the possession of real wealth, and you will see they are the absolute dictators of the stock exchange and [economy]. . . If you have enough imagination then. . . you will see [their] anarchical, moral and social influence, i.e. a revolutionary one. . . Do you now understand?”

“. . . They created credit money with a view to making its volume close to infinite. And to give it the speed of sound. . . it is an abstraction, a being of thought, a figure, number, credit, faith. . .” (pp.245-246)

Of course they need to protect their credit monopoly by translating it into a monopoly over all power and thought. World government is necessary to prevent any country from issuing their own credit (money) or repudiating their debt. This is the New World Order.


The Revolutionary Movement, which defines modern history, was a means to institutionalize banker power by destroying the old order. Marxism, “before being a philosophical, economic and political system, is a conspiracy for the revolution.” Rakovsky scoffs at the “elementary Marxism. . . the demagogic popular one” that is used to dupe the intellectuals and the masses. (238) Marx was hired by Rothschild to dupe the masses. Rakovsky says Marx “laughs in his beard at all humanity” (Griffin, 240). Of course, Marx never mentioned the Rothschilds. (243)

As for Freemasonry: “Every Masonic organization tries to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry,” says Rakovsky, a high-ranking Mason himself.

The aim of the Revolution is no less than to redefine reality in terms of the interests of the bankers. This involves the promotion of subjective truth over objective truth. If Lenin “feels something to be real” then it is real. “For him every reality, every truth was relative in the face of the sole and absolute one: the revolution.”

In other words, white is black and up is down. This is the way it was in the Soviet Union and this is now happening to us. Truth and justice are being replaced by political diktat. “Political correctness,” a Bolshevik term, is now in common usage. Physicists like Steven Jones who question September 11 are silenced. (The problem with not bringing the 9/11 perps to justice is that they will do it again). Homosexuality is normalized and promoted to increase arrested development and destroy the family.

Rakovsky marvels that “the benches on which sat the greasy usurers to trade in their moneys, have now been converted into temples, which stand magnificently at every corner of contemporary big towns with their heathen colonnades, and crowds go there . . . to bring assiduously their deposits of all their possessions to the god of money. . .”

He says the Soviet five-pointed star represents the five Rothschild brothers with their banks, who possess colossal accumulations of wealth, the greatest ever known.”

Isn’t it strange that Marx never mentions this fact? Rakovsky asks. Isn’t it strange that during revolutions, the mobs never attack the bankers, their mansions or banks?


War is the means by which the central bankers advance their goal of totalitarian world government. Rakovsky says Trotsky was behind the murder of Arch Duke Ferdinand (which sparked WWI). He recalls the phrase used by the mother of the five Rothschild brothers: “‘If my sons want it, then there will be no war.’ This means that they were the arbiters, the masters of peace and war, but not emperors. Are you capable of visualizing the fact of such a cosmic importance? Is not war already a revolutionary function? War? The Commune. Since that time every war was a giant step towards Communism.”

After the murder of [Illuminati member, Weimar Foreign Minister] Walter Rathenau in 1922, the Illuminati give political or financial positions only to intermediaries, Rakovsky says. “Obviously to persons who are trustworthy and loyal, which can be guaranteed a thousand ways: thus one can assert that those bankers and politicians [in the public eye]—are only men of straw . . . even though they occupy very high places and are made to appear to be the authors of the plans which are carried out.” Think Barack Obama [and the Prime Minister, President and lawmakers of your nation].

In 1938, Rakovsky outlined three reasons for the upcoming Second World War. The first is that Hitler began to print his own money. “This is very serious. Much more than all the external and cruel factors in National-Socialism.”

Secondly, the “fully developed nationalism of Western Europe is an obstacle to Marxism. . . the need for the destruction of nationalism is alone worth a war in Europe.”

Finally, Communism cannot triumph unless it suppresses the “still living Christianity.” Rakovsky refers to the “permanent revolution” as dating from the birth of Christ, and the reformation as “its first partial victory” because it split Christianity. This suggests that the “conspiracy” also contains a racial or religious factor.

“In reality, Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the Bourgeois States are only its consequences. Christianity controlling the individual is capable of annulling the revolutionary projection of the neutral Soviet or Atheist State.”

Now the Central Bankers are promoting World War Three as in “The Clash of Civilizations.” Substitute Islam for Christianity above, and pit “Christians” against them.


The New World Order does not only create a new power. It creates a new reality out of touch with the truth. It employs legions of pundits, professors and politicos to enforce its precepts. These are the agentur (“agents”) referred to smugly in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. What kind of credibility do these people have knowing they will lose their jobs if they tell the truth? They are all accomplices in the 9/11 cover-up,

The truth is that society is totally subverted. Government, education, entertainment and the news media are totally in the hands of the central banking cartel. The private sector all sings from the same song book, indicating the central bankers control it. The same applies to think tanks, foundations, NGO’s, professional associations and major charities. Intelligence agencies report to the central bankers. They and Masonic secret societies are a central part of the mechanism of control.

This article: “How the Fed Bought the Economics Profession” is the template for all professions.

As a result, society is helpless to address its real problem: the untenable concentration of wealth, power and cultural influence in the hands of Cabala-believing bankers secretly intent on culling, degrading and enslaving us. We are stymied by the bogus charge of “anti-Semitism” when most Jews are deceived and manipulated like everyone else, (although their role is vastly disproportionate). There is no shortage of lackeys from all ethnic backgrounds willing to serve these Satanist bankers. This service defines “success” today.

“History” is a lie. Wars are a fraud. Current events are largely orchestrated. Projects are ventured for different purposes than stated. All we can do is continue to throw a spanner in their works and alert our fellow citizens. I am not too concerned with catastrophe. I see continued gradual drift to one world order fascism. Mankind is being put into a coma, a state of arrested development based on a fixation with toys, sports, relationships, sex and money. The last thing the bankers want to do is awaken the cattle from their slumber.

Mankind is doomed as long as Cabalist central bankers control society. All that is needed is to nationalize the central banks, repudiate debts created from nothing by these bankers, break up cartels, especially Hollywood and the media, and institute strict public campaign financing.

But as long as the majority perceive their interests in terms of the status quo, our problems will remain systemic. They won’t go away.

Comment: The title of friend Henry Makow’s paper, The New World Order is “Communism,” aptly describes the teaching of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible, history, and the prophet William Branham. Medieval and Modern History record the conflict between Rome, the last of four Gentile world empires, and Israel. However after John Hyrcanus defeated and forcibly assimilated the Edomites (Hittites and Canaanites) in about 130BC, they began to dominate the Judean population whose royal family was Edomite (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, xiii.9,1; xiii.25; Matthew 23:33-35). God set enmity between these children of Cain and Adam’s race and the enmity is extant (Genesis 3:15; 27:39-41), hence Jesus lived in “Galilee of the Gentiles for He would not live in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill Him” (John 7:1).

Because Jewry crucified Israel’s Messiah, and Christianity, which is Spiritual Israel, was begetting children from among the elect Israelites and proselytes of Adam’s race, the priests and Pharisees who had perverted Yahwism into its antithesis (known as Judaism) were anxious lest their authority and prestigue be diminished, and allied with Rome against the faith. However in the days of emperor Constantine Roman power was in decline like the hegemony of America and the (once) Christian West today, so the wily sons of Cain devised a new deception. Surreptitiously aligned with the federal authority, they organized the Roman Catholic church from the remnants of the now apostate First Church of Rome pioneered by the apostles Junius and Andronicus, introducing the Babylonian trinity of gods of Imperial Rome and the Judeans who provoked the Lord to send Nebuchadnezzar to burn the Temple, exile the nation and commence the “times of Gentile dominion” over Jerusalem which will continue to the consummation (Daniel 9:27; Luke 21:24). The transformation of Imperial Rome into the present global empire of Papal Rome was initiated in AD325 at the Hegelian dialectic of the First Nicene Council.

Calling themselves Jews, the Edomites were now united with Rome against both natural and Spiritual Israel. But Rome, like Turkey, Spain, Holland, Germany, Britain, the united States, and as Dr. Makow observed out, socialism, liberalism, fascism, zionism, neo-conservatism and feminism, are merely tools and ideologies to be used and destroyed once they have served their purpose. As God raised His servant Nebuchadnezzar to destroy apostate Judah, He has allowed Judaeo-Communism to raise up for the purpose of destroying the Judaeo-Roman Catholic false church, the (once) Protestant united States and Rome’s harlot daughters, ushering-in Armageddon to destroy all life.

As Dr. Makow has explained, Jewish sayanim live and work within every society and Judaeo-Jesuits operate worldwide as officers of a truly secret army containing in its ranks heads of political parties, high ranking officials, generals, magistrates, physicians, faculty professors, tradesmen, etc., all of them striving, to bring about in their own sphere, “Opus Dei,” God’s work in reality the plans of the papacy and its superiors behind the purple curtain. For both of these amoral Talmudic groups, “white is black, and up is down,” for the ends justify the means. These two arms of the same golem are fulfilling “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as advised by the Grand Sanhedrin (elders of Zion) in Constantinople in response to a request from Chief Rabbi Chemor of Spain in 1492. A third arm is Islam: read the Koran you will recognize the influence of the Talmud—the motto of the Israeli intelligence organization: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war” is not new.

The sovereign mini-state known as the ‘City of London,’ whose masters devised Judaeo-Communism, deceived the Allies into war against Hitler, funded both sides to make the world a safe place for Judaeo-Communism. It is patiently obvious the Allies were duped to fight against their Christian kith and kin. Once again we fought on the wrong side and have been fighting and funding Judaeo-Communism ever since. Now the Judaeo-Banksters have bankrupted the once Christian West, which is overcome by Communism, and following the sinking of Los Angeles Russia will invade and occupy mainland USA. The Judaeo-Roman Catholic church will form a confederation of world religions, ostensibly against Communism, then her Devil-incarnate pope will restore peace and dispatch the Russian military. The world will implore the Devil-incarnate pope to rule as president one world government, not realizing that once again they are victims of the Hegelian dialectic in which either choice spelt doom.

Oblivious to the fact that the natural catastrophes that overtook the world signaled the end of the Gentile dispensation, and thinking they are doing God a service, they will enforce trinitarianism upon the world on pain of death, not realizing it is the mark of the beast they have themselves taken. Satan is the sum of wisdom and knowledge he is anxious to share, but he is without faith. Faith is the mind of God in you by a clear understanding of His unchanging Word, which you should read with care, proving all things.

Professor Makow has expounded the deception called Communism. Brother Branham said, “Communism is not Russia; communism is a spirit. We don’t have to worry about Russia. Our own rottenness is what’s killing us. Communism moving right among our churches and everything else. . . in our schools, in our homes, everywhere, in our nation. The whole thing is just worm-eaten. The robin pecking on the apple doesn’t hurt it; it’s the worm at the core that ruins the apple. That’s what it is: it’s just the rottenness among ourselves, going, calling ourself Christians, and acting like the world, and dressing like the world, and partaking of the world, and calling ourself. . .” (The Seal of God, p. 10:67-68).

Jesus called that spirit “Laodicea.” Revelation 3:17, “You say, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing. You don’t see that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” Laodicea means people’s rights. The spirit of Communism is egalitarianism to serve I, me, and myself.

As I write the spirit of Judaeo-Communism controlling our government and all political parties is running a psy-op against citizens, spewing propaganda from the taxpayer-funded alien-controlled national broadcasting network and commercial media intent on opening our borders to all-comers. The pawns in this game are seventy-eight Sri-Lankans seeking to enter the country illegally, and the public—treated like Pavlov’s dogs salivating to emotional appeals against common sense. Last month saw a similar psy-op in which Indian students and citizens were their mark! The Banksters of ‘the City of London’ are further dividing and conquering the nation in fulfillment of the curse of Matthew 24:37 (Genesis 6:1-7) for which God allowed men to destroy the world by Flood, and the curse of Luke 17:28-30 (Genesis 18) wherewith He will shortly allow man to destroy all life by fire (II Peter 3:1-12). Those manipulating this clandestine activity do not believe the God of Israel who through His prophet Moses condemned miscegenation, which they encourage as multiculturalism (Genesis 1:11; 3; Deuteronomy 7:1-2; 32:8).

The banksters and the merchants and great men of the earth who consider “the Reformation as “its first partial victory” because it split Christianity” neither recall the history of the blasphemy they regard as Christianity, nor understand that faith cannot be “split” (Mark 10:9; I Corinthians 6:17; Ephesians 4:30). Their purpose in dividing families and communities, mixing cultures and races, religions and tongues and destroying the solidarity of nations, is to enforce collectivism, which is Communism under which Lucifer will rule a totalitarian one world government incarnate in the pope. Money and material wealth has purchased great power, but it will not match the power of the spoken Word of the ‘third pull’ that will change the saints in the atoms and transfer them into the sixth dimension as quick as a thought. nl605.htm


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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non- denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries. He pastors Bible Believers’ tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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Global Economic Chaos soon to Unfold

October 23, 2009

Bible Believers’ Newsletter #604
“We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . .”
ISSN 1442-8660

God bless you for joining with us once again before the Presence of the our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would very much like to dedicate my time to study in the coming weeks and it will assist me if you ask questions to which you have been unable to find the answer after searching our Website. By the grace of God we will publish the answers for the blessing of all readers, and hopefully this will allow me to devote my time to study.

In this issue subscriber Brother Bruce Porteous warns of the impending world depression Brother Branham prophesied will be worse than the Great Depression, and notes the rise of the European Union to global hegemony foretold by Daniel and Jesus Christ. This is the revival of the Holy (sic) Roman Empire whose pope will rule Lucifer’s coming totalitarian one world government (Daniel 2; 7 – 12; Revelation 13; 17 – 19:20).

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


Obama poised to Cede US Sovereignty in Copenhagen?

October 14, 2009 – In this hour and a half video Lord Christopher Monckton exposes the Climate Change/Carbon Trading racket explains how the US and other developed Western nations are likely to cede sovereignty over their economies at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference December 7 – 18, 2009. Agreements proposed by treacherous politicians will add famine to the coming worldwide depression. Full story:

Comment: To illustrate the egregious “Global Warming” HOAX our elected LIARS are employing to kill “useless eaters” and imprison recalcitrants to Lucifer’s one world government, on July 15, 1942, a squadron of six P-38s and two B-17 bombers made a harrowing and life-threatening landing on a remote ice cap in Greenland. Recovery of one plane began in 1992, all planes were buried under 268 feet of ice. Follow the links


Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate
June 27, 2004 – Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative. . . Full story:

Comment: Finally evidence the usurping Jewish President Obama is not a “natural-born” American but a liar and deceiver like his Congressmen and Senators; the Constitution will not be applied since they are also servants of ‘the City of London.’ Google “Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate” and you will find 37,000 records which escaped “the Department of Truth” when they were relegating similar records to the “memory hole”.


Historic 9/11 Debate with Bigard, Laurent, Kassovitz and Harrit on French TV
This is also a victory for the 9/11 truth movement because the official US government conspiracy theory is supposedly not debatable. That’s what Bush said. That’s also what Obama said many times. The very fact of having a real open public debate, wherever that is, proves that the subject is debatable. And it needs to be debatable. The day we stop debating important topics is the day we surrender freedom. Not only is it debatable, but the 9/11 truth movement is growing faster than ever—worldwide—and nothing will stop it. . . Full story:

Comment: Next, the fair debate on the Holocaust—all of them, in particular the three claimed for the twentieth century, in each of which it is claimed six million Jews were killed. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1901-1906, the world Jewish population was about 11,206,849 in 1900. Yet after a holocaust of six million Jews by Germany claimed in World War I, and the extermination of a further six million Jews by the Jewish-controlled USSR claimed between the wars, statistics provided by the American Jewish Committee and published in the World Almanac, 1933, p. 419 state the number of Jews worldwide had increased to 15,316,359. Simple arithmetic would seem to indicate the world Jewish population had been exterminated well before Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933.

Statistics published in The World Almanac and Book of Facts for 1934 and 1948 indicate that over that period world Christian population diminished by – 89,993,458, while world Jewish population increased by + 438,648. Should we debate figures provided by Jewish statisticians?


Roman Catholic Church to receive Anglicans
October 20 2009 – Thousands of Anglicans could defect to the Roman Catholic church after the pope today approved a new global institution to receive them.

It will be the first time since the Reformation in the 16th century that entire Protestant communities have reunited with Rome. The first group likely to take advantage of the new rules is the Traditional Anglican Community (TAC), which broke off from the rest of the community in 1991 and claims to have more than 500,000 members worldwide.

Other groups unhappy with developments in the Anglican Communion are also expected to accept the invitation from the Vatican. Traditionalists, including thousands in the Church of England, have long threatened to defect to Rome over issues such as the ordination of women and gay people. . .

Benedict’s chief theological adviser, the US cardinal William Levada, who heads one of the most important Vatican departments, said the decree had been drawn up “to respond to the numerous requests that have been submitted to the Holy See by groups of Anglican clerics and believers from various parts of the world who wish to enter into full and visible communion” with Rome.

He said that, under the new arrangements, Anglican communities that joined the Catholic church would be able to keep their own liturgy while remaining outside the existing dioceses. Their pastoral care would be entrusted instead to their own senior prelates, who would not necessarily become Catholic bishops. This is a way around the problem that in the Catholic church, as in the Orthodox churches, married men are not allowed to become bishops. Full story:

Comment: I Timothy 3:2-5, “A bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife. . . One that rules his own house well, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God)? But some do not wish to be confused with facts that contradict their preconceived opinions and prejudice and “By their traditions they make the Word of God of no effect to themselves” (Matthew 15:6, 9).


Global Economic Chaos soon to Unfold
October 18, 2009 – The world is entering a period of economic upheaval that has never before been experienced in history. While many economists proclaim that the world economy is recovering from the near global economic collapse of 2008, the reality is that like a tsunami following an earthquake, an economic tsunami will soon arrive following the economic earthquake of last year.

In an attempt to prevent the global economic system from collapsing, the printing of currency by central banks around the world has been like pouring oil on an out of control fire. Injecting so much liquidity into the world’s banking system may have temporally prevented a global economic collapse last year, but it has failed to correct the fundamental problems that caused the crisis in the first place. Rather, central banks have just created the environment for a global economic collapse on a scale the world has never experienced. They have created the perfect economic storm.

As a result of injecting trillions of dollars into the world’s banking system, this newly created fiat money is now beginning to flow into the global economy. There is a general feeling that the recession is over and that the good times will soon be here again. This false sense of optimism is based on the assumption that the banking system once again lending to consumers financing their consumption lifestyles, will jump start a new era of prosperity. Many advanced nations have taken that it is their right to exploit the planet’s resources to maintain their living standards. Yet nothing has been done to correct the fiscal problems that caused to economic crisis in the first place.

The stage is now set for hyperinflation. According to investor Marc Faber in a recent Bloomberg interview, the US will experience inflation rates similar to those which took place in Zimbabwe rising to 231 million percent in July. Inflation at this level means the currency will become worthless, as Germany experienced in 1923 during the economic chaos of the Weimar Republic. Just as Germany experienced at that time, the current, impending economic disaster will bring great hardship to those people on fixed incomes, and to the nation as a whole.

The economic crisis of 2008 was primarily caused by excessive credit in the global banking system, and the large current account and budget deficits of the English speaking world, especially for the USA and UK. Large surpluses in US dollars used to pay for consumer goods from Asia were recycled back into the US and British banks; encouraging them to create new financial products to develop consumer markets to recycle money. This has resulted in an unsustainable property boom, encouraging extravagant consumer spending habits, and debt. This has enabled the banks to enslave the people of the Anglo-Saxon nations in bondage under a mountain of debt, earning for themselves excessive profits and bonuses on the money lent by foreign investors. Due to very lax lending rules, it was inevitable that eventually the inability of many bank customers to repay their loans emerged as one of the key causes of the current crisis.

Central banks injecting money into the their domestic banks may have saved the banking system from a total melt-down last year, but this capital injection has not corrected the cause of the original problem. The Anglo-Saxon nations’ growing current account and budget deficits continue to mount, and they depend on the inflow of Asian capital to finance these deficits. Their budget deficits have blown out of control following the bail-outs and can only be financed through printing even more fiat money or borrowing at ever increasing interest rates. The stage has been set for the dramatic and sudden collapse of the English-speaking nations.

America’s creditors have become increasingly alarmed about the sustainability of the US being able to finance its budget and current account deficits. There is now discussion amongst world financial leaders of replacing the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency with a basket of currencies, to finance international trade. However this is unlikely to be effective as it will mean the establishment of an organisation such as the IMF which would also have the power to regulate the member countries’ money supply. Nations will be unlikely to give up their national sovereignty to allow this to happen.

We are now seeing the downward spiral in the value of the US dollar against the Euro and some other currencies. The dollar will continue to fall in value unless the USA can correct its current account and budget deficits. There is little chance of this happening with rising oil prices, the maintenance of an unaffordable global military establishment bogged down with unwinnable wars, and the large amount of money required to support the economy collapsing last year. The Federal Reserve may soon be forced to increase interest rates in an attempt to support the dollar, but this will only bring about more corporate collapses, defaults on home mortgages, and a lack of confidence in the US economy. Either way the US cannot save its economy from collapse.

The collapse of the $US will trigger economic turmoil around the world. Those nations with reserves in US dollars will suffer massive losses as their foreign reserves are wiped out with the collapse of the dollar. In particular this will have a major impact on China and Japan, as both nations have large holdings in US dollar reserves not to mention massive holdings in Treasury Certificates and other Federal Vouchers. The losses the Asian economies will suffer will bring wide-spread economic depression in Asia. These nations will blame the Anglo-Saxon nations for their plight, and for good reason. Japan, already burden with a national debt almost the same size at that of America could well face bankruptcy along with other heavily indebted nations in the region.

There is only one economic region that will withstand the fall-out of the economic collapse of the Anglo-Saxon nations, and that is the EU. In spite of many skeptics predicting that the Euro would not survive as a single currency, it has proved to have been remarkably successful. The model adopted by the Euro zone nations can also be adopted globally, creating a single world currency. The European Central Bank which imposes financial disciplines on the member states of the Euro zone, has created fiscal stability in the region. While unemployment has increased in the EU following the crisis, member states are making adjustments to the management of their economies to lay the foundations for solid economic growth in the future. This will eventually be a stimulus to world trade, stop currency speculation and restore global prosperity. It would remove tariff barriers, trade protectionism, and stimulate world trade between Asia and Europe.

The recent acceptance by the EU member states of the Treaty of Lisbon will enable the EU to have a single President, Foreign Minister and defense policy. The actual shape of this new Europe is yet to take place, but no doubt the sudden economic collapse of the Anglo-Saxon nations will trigger off a political and economic crisis in Europe, to where the Europeans will be willing to accept a single strong leader to restore economic prosperity and social order, even if it means giving up some individual freedoms.

The outcome of this chaos will result in the end of democracy, and free market Anglo-Saxon capitalism. A desperate world will be willing to give up many individual freedoms to support a strong leader in order to have prosperity and economic order. The international banking system will become strictly regulated—no longer will bankers be able to enrich themselves at the expense of savers. New technology will enable a global central bank to control the currency supply, and implement controls to prevent taxation avoidance, money laundering, and unfair balance of trade deficits.

Such a new world order can only be brought about by a strong European leader with dictatorial powers that would allow him or her to have the authority to bring about the controls to reform the global economy and restore prosperity to the world. This leader will be looked upon as the savior of the world’s economy, and will be given the power to not only regulate the global economy, but also the way people live and trade.

The coming collapse of the Anglo-Saxon nations will see their people soon slide into total poverty—there money will be worthless, their people facing starvation, diseases, and internal conflict. They will receive little sympathy or support from the rest of the world. These nations will enter a period of total collapse, and their skilled workers used to provide the labor force for advanced nations in Europe and Asia requiring skilled workers to maintain their aging populations.

The stage is now set for these events to unfold quickly and suddenly. It will catch many by surprise to see the dollar and British pound collapse and loose or value—once creditor’s loose confidence in these currencies there will be panic selling, hyper-inflation and economic collapse. It will create a new world economic order where the world will prosper under the authority of this new global leader, with the exception of the Anglo-Saxon nations. It will be the end result of a perfect economic tsunami brought on by the self-destructive, thunderous collapse of Anglo-American capitalistic greed.
Bruce Porteous

Comment: Brother Porteous has pointed to the rise of the European Union to global hegemony. This is the revival of the Holy Roman Empire prophesied by Daniel and Jesus Christ, whose pope will rule Lucifer’s totalitarian one world government (Daniel 2; 7 – 12; Revelation 13; 17:1 – 19:20). As foretold by Daniel and Jesus Christ, the EU—that is the Roman Catholic false church—has drawn up plans to establish itself as a ‘world power.’ The economic earthquake and economic tsunami will follow the prophesied natural earthquakes and tsunamis marking the end of the Gentile dispensation. US$1.5 quadrillion in derivatives obligations are outstanding in the US—more than a hundred times the total money in the world, and A$14 trillion are outstanding in little Australia.

The “Anglo-Saxon nations” are all colonies of ‘the City of London,’ and because they do not hold to the Absolute of God’s unchanging Word,their laws are impermanent and overruled by alien precedents via the Talmudic BAR. Like occupied Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany and Japan, we (their aggressors) have made ourselves cowardly prey to the enemy of God and man.

Financial guru Jim Willie comments on Economic disintegration, systemic failure, and dollar collapse. Assets denominated in US dollars, including US treasuries, will soon be dumped. In a replay of the Rothschild scam during the Battle of Waterloo, they will be purchased at a fractional cents in the dollar. Once the international banksters and the Roman Catholic church have refinanced the US dollar with gold backing, they will resell those assets for your “pound of flesh”.


Pass it on . . . please send this article to someone you know
Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries. He pastors Bible Believers’ tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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Easter – When Was Jesus Crucified?

October 14, 2009

Bible Believers’ Newsletter #603
“We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . .”
ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God’s unchanging Word.

A Brother has made enquiries concerning the days leading to Christ’s crucifixion and other brethren have raised different questions, all of which are addressed in our main article. I do hope you find it edifying. This is difficult to follow from the Bible and there is considerable disagreement among the most eminent theologians, even with respect to the day and year of the crucifixion, and I thank the Lord for sending us a prophet. Brother Branham’s teaching has provided certainty.

God bless you.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


‘Anti-terror’ Work for American Consumption
This shows how Pakistan’s army treats fellow Muslims to demonstrate to their US/Israeli puppet masters they are fighting ‘terror.’ The video shows dreadful scenes as Pakistan soldiers beat several (obviously Muslim) civilians close to death in order to extract information. Like the US and all other proxy armies of ‘the City of London’ it appears Pakistan military are the real terrorists. Full story:


Nobel Prize for Promises?
October 10, 2009 – I was dismayed when I heard Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize. A shock, really, to think that a president carrying on wars in two countries and launching military action in a third country (Pakistan), would be given a peace prize. But then I recalled that Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Kissinger had all received Nobel Peace Prizes. The Nobel Committee is famous for its superficial estimates and for its susceptibility to rhetoric and empty gestures, while ignoring blatant violations of world peace. . .

The Nobel Peace Committee should retire, and turn over its huge funds to some international peace organization which is not awed by stardom and rhetoric, and which has some understanding of history. Full story:


Easter—When Was Jesus Crucified?

When purchasing a house or acreage one always takes the precaution of having it surveyed to insure against the unpleasant surprise of finding that half your new home has been built on your neighbor’s property, or the dam is not on your land. To prove the accuracy of the map or plan of your purchase, the surveyor will first locate a government “trig” station or absolute, then fix one corner of your property from this constant as his datum post, and from this known fixed point accurately measure and confirm all the other boundaries of the site.

Ancient masons who built the great cathedrals first established the precise location of one point. Here they laid the cornerstone from which the whole structure was measured. In a recent teaching we learned that Christ is the head of the corner or capstone, from which the temple of the living God or Church is measured (Ephesians 4:15-16).

Tonight we’re going to revisit the last supper and crucifixion and drive in a few datum posts, or establish some constants, measured from the Absolute “trig” station of God’s Word to ensure the story we are believing is the mind of God, and not Roman Catholic traditions from our denominational past.

Scripture has provided a series of FIXED days and FIXED dates we can plot on the calendar to place the events that occupied the last week of our Lord’s life on earth, and establish the precise day of His crucifixion. There remains considerable confusion among even the most eminent scholars, concerning the date, day and year, however Brother Branham has provided definite dates and days thus resolving the debate.

Throughout this lesson I ask you to bear in mind that the Hebrews reckoned their day from sunset to sunset (arbitrarily 6.00 pm) instead of from midnight. We will set forth Jesus’ activities as they might have happened in the week before Calvary. I am not teaching this as doctrine and some details may be out of order, but this will help to organize our thinking and paint an ordered picture in our own mind.

After the resurrection of Lazarus was reported, the chief priests and Pharisees became concerned that with so many following and believing on Jesus and witnessing His Supernatural vindication the exalted standing of their nicolaitane hierarchy over Israel and their status with the Roman rulers was under threat. Caiaphas interposed with the solution: “It is expedient for the hierarchy, that one man should die for the people, to preserve [the religious status quo of] our nation” (John 11:47-57).

To these Hebrews, any utterance of the high priest was regarded as inspired so when Caiaphas announced a conspiracy to have Jesus put to death by Rome God used his tongue to prophesy. Thereafter Jesus hid himself from the Jews who were ordered to report any sightings of Him.

The Passover was approaching. This year Jesus was to be the Lamb (John 1:29-34), so He began making His way back towards Bethany which lies on the side of the mount of Olives, eastward from Jerusalem. He had to be there by Nisan 10 as the Law required the lamb should be separated from the flock on that day and kept in the home for the next four days to be examined for and protected from any blemishes (Exodus 12:3-6).

Jesus was separated and taken into the home of his friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus from where He was presented to the people and their denominational religious leaders for examination, but even Pilate declared, “I find no fault in Him”.

Jesus spent our Thursday night near Jericho at the home of Zacchaeus the businessman (Luke 19:1-10). On Friday morning He preached the “parable of the pounds” and set off towards Jerusalem (Luke 19:11-28).

Nisan 8, our Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, April 1, AD30

Six days before the Passover Jesus reached Bethany before sundown on Friday afternoon, Nisan 7, and the sabbath of Nisan 8 began after 6.00pm. He spent the sabbath in Bethany. These days are as momentous to the new creation as were the six days of Genesis 1 to the original creation. Bethany rests on the Eastern side of the Mount of Olives less than two miles walk from Jerusalem. Here Jesus spent His last sabbath as a guest in the house of Simon the leper, with Lazarus and his sisters, Martha and Mary.

A multitude en-route to Jerusalem for the Passover assembled at Bethany, not only to see Jesus but also Lazarus whom He had raised from the dead, hence the chief priests who had conspired to kill Jesus consider killing Lazarus also (John 11:47-54; 12:9-11).

Nisan 9, our Saturday sunset to Sunday sunset, April 2, AD30

On Saturday evening after the sabbath the sisters prepared a feast in Jesus’ honour and Mary anointed His feet with precious ointment (Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:2-8). Judas Iscariot feigned indignation at this extravagance, saying the money might have been given to the poor, however his intention was to sell the precious oils and steal the proceeds.

On Sunday morning, Jesus set off for Jerusalem. On coming by Bethphage, which was separated from His route by a narrow valley, He sent His disciples to fetch an ass and a colt (Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:29-44; John 12:12-19). On coming in sight of Zion from the ridge of the Southern slope of the mount of Olives, the multitude from the villages raised loud hosannas. “Blessed be the King who comes in the Name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest.” And they cast their garments on the colt, and spread palm branches on the road, not realizing they were fulfilling Zechariah 9:9, “Rejoice greatly O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, your King comes to you: He is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.”

Neither did His disciples understand, but after He was glorified they realized that all these prophecies had been fulfilled before their eyes. The remaining Words of the prophecy will be fulfilled when the 144,000 recognize His ‘parousia’ Coming after the midst of Daniel’s Seventieth Week (Matthew 23:39; Zechariah 9:10-17).

Luke 19:41-44, “When Jesus saw Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives He wept over it saying, If only you had recognized the revelation for your day that brings eternal rest from all of the distress you suffer through sin! Now It is hid from your eyes. Soon your enemies shall cast a trench about you and shut you in on every side, crushing you and your children within and leaving not one stone upon another, because you rejected your day and its Message.”

The people of Jerusalem were not expecting this Kinsman to come in peace as a ransom for their souls, “and some of the Pharisees among the multitude said, Master, rebuke Your disciples. But Jesus replied, I tell you that if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.” He went at once to the Temple where He saw at a glance the money-making monopoly conducted by the priests selling animals for sacrifice at exorbitant prices and selling the Temple half shekel as they did at each Passover season, for every adult male must pay the annual ransom that furnished the continual burnt offering. Thus the priests desecrated the Court of the Gentiles. However, as it was already evening Jesus departed and returned to Bethany where He spent the night.

Nisan 10, our Sunday sunset to Monday sunset, April 3, AD30

Early Monday morning on his way to Jerusalem and feeling hungry, Jesus went to pick some figs. Although it was not yet summer, the tree was in leaf, and early figs often appear with the leaves. Finding no fruit, Jesus cursed the fig tree, emblematic of the fruitless Israel nation, saying, “You will bear no fruit until the end of the Gentile dispensation.” The absence of individual fruit shows that God will deal with Israel as a nation in one day at end of summer, not in Spring time (Isaiah 66:8). Jesus’ curse fulfills Isaiah’s prophecy that the nation should be blind until the Gentile dispensation is fulfilled (Matthew 21:18-20; Mark 11:12-14). Whereas Israel was to be a “Light to the Gentiles,” having failed to fulfill its commission, “No man will eat fruit of it for ever.” Israel will never again feed or instruct a people in righteousness, for when the Lord turns to Israel He will be dealing exclusively with 144,000 elect Israelites who are typed as eunuchs who will be incapable of passing the Life to another soul. When they are born-again “it will no longer be necessary to admonish one another to know the Lord, for everyone, from the least to the greatest of them shall know Me, says the Lord, for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more” (Jeremiah 31:34).

Next Jesus purged the temple at the close of His ministry even as He had done at its beginning (John 2:13-14). His former cleansing had not prevented the resumption of the usurious and thievish gains (Jeremiah 7:11) in exchanging secular for Temple coinage. Mark 11:15-17 (Matthew 21:12-13; Luke 19:45-46), “He went into the temple for a further cleansing, and expelled those who sold and bought in the temple. He overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of those who sold doves; and forbade anyone to carry any profane vessel through the temple. And He taught, It is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations? you have made it a den of thieves” (Isaiah 56:7).

He was not armed with a lash of three cords as on His first encounter; the awe of His majestic presence checked all opposition as He overthrew the tables and cast out the sellers interrupting all devotion in the Court of the Gentiles, and works of mercy followed. Matthew 21:14-16, “The blind and the lame came to Him in the temple; and He healed them. And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things He did, and the children crying in the temple, and saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” [Fearful lest their own influence be supplanted, and envious], they were indignant, and remonstrated, Do You hear what they are saying? And Jesus said, Yes. Did you never read, “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings You have perfected praise?” And He returned again to Bethany.

Nisan 11, our Monday sunset to Tuesday sunset, April 4, AD30

Going to Jerusalem on Tuesday morning, Nisan 11, “His disciples noticed the fig tree Jesus had cursed was withered from its roots, [which was miraculous as a tree normally withers from its leaves]. Remembering what Jesus had said on Monday, Peter exclaimed, Lord, see the fig tree you cursed? It’s withered away! Jesus replied, [That signifies what will become of Israel. But] have faith in God [for He is able also to restore it to life]”.

Jesus processed to illustrate the certainty of energized faith in God’s Word. “Truly I tell you, if you have faith, you can command this Mount of Olives: Rise up and fall into the Mediterranean, and it will come to pass. All things are possible, only believe. Whatever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive it, and you shall have it. And when you persevere in prayer, first forgive those against whom you bear ill-will: so that your Father who is in heaven may forgive you your shortcomings. But if you do not forgive others, neither will God forgive you your trespasses” (Mark 11:20-26; Matthew 21:19b-22).

In the Temple hypocritical Pharisees, Herodian political fawns and unbelieving Sadducees sought to trap Jesus in His Words, that He might compromise Himself with the Law of Moses, or with the Roman government, but He confounded them with questions and began teaching in parables (Matthew 21:23-46; Mark 11:27 – 12:44; Luke 20:1 – 21:4). Despite the prophecy of Psalm 110:1, “The Lord said to my Lord, Sit at My right hand, until I make Your enemies Your footstool” they could not or would not see that as Man He was David’s Son, and as God He was David’s Lord. (See Acts 2:34-36 and Revelation 22:16). Finally He denounced them as “devouring widow’s houses” and as physical Serpent’s seed (Matthew 23:14, 33-35).

Luke 21:37-38, “And in the day time He was teaching in the Temple; and at night He went out, and abode in the mount of Olives. And all the people came to the temple early in the morning to hear Him”.

John 12:20-26, “Some Greeks, [not Greek-speaking Jews (Hellenists) but uncircumcised proselytes of the gate still regarded as Gentiles (Acts 10), half-Jews or Judaizing pagans like the Ethiopian eunuch of Acts 8:17] who had come to worship at the feast, [forerunners of the Gentile converts to Christ], approached Philip, (perhaps because his name was Greek or because they thought he might emphathise with their desire to see “the Light to enlighten the Gentiles”), as they too were from Galilee, and asked, Sir, we would see Jesus.”

“Philip told Andrew and together they told Jesus who answered, [If the Gentiles are beginning to recognize Me already], it is time for the Son of man to be glorified” [and to gather “a people for His Name”]. And taking the metaphor of a grain of wheat falling into the ground and dying in order to reproduce its life manifold, He expounded upon the necessity of His death and Israel’s blindness in the hearing of the Greeks and the people, seeking to persuade them that by believing on Him they were not believing on Him as a man, but on God Who sent Him and was in Him.”

“Among the chief rulers many believed on Him; but because of the Pharisees they did not confess Him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue: for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” The Jewish leaders having rejected the Spirit, Tuesday was the last day on which Jesus entered the Temple to teach. He hid Himself from His foes and the unbelieving people, who despite His Supernatural vindication were blinded according to the prophecy of Isaiah 6:1, 9-10 (John 12:20-50).

Before leaving the temple a disciple remembering His former words, “Now your house is left forsaken” (Matthew 23:38), and incredulous that it could speedily be cast down remarked on its massive stones (Mark 13:1; Luke 21:5) whereupon Jesus confirmed His prophecy, adding “there shall not be one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down” (Mark 13:2; Luke 21:6). Before going to Bethany that night Jesus stopped by the Mount of Olives (Mark 11:19) as became his custom (Luke 21:37), and as they sat facing Jerusalem and the temple on the West He was asked, “When will the temple be destroyed, what shall be the sign of your ‘parousia’ Coming, and what shall be the sign of the consummation of the world order” (Matthew 24:3; Mark 13:3-4; Luke 21:7)? Jesus responded by outlining the Seven Seals of Revelation 6 in each of the three synoptic Gospels. Then He taught the parable of the ten virgins, the parable of the ten talents, and the White Throne Judgment (Matthew 24:1-51; Mark 13:1-37; Luke 21:5-36).

Nisan 12, our Tuesday sunset to Wednesday sunset, April 5

Jesus and His disciples were still on the Mount of Olives at 6.00pm when Tuesday evening became (their) Wednesday. “And when He had finished all His teaching, Jesus said to His disciples, As you know, the feast of Passover is in TWO DAYS, (a FIXED date, confirming our calculations thus far) and the Son of man will be delivered up to be crucified” (Matthew 26:2). And as Jesus and his disciples retired from the mount “the chief priests and elders of the people gathered in the court of the palace of Caiaphas, the high priest, to discuss how they might take Jesus by subtlety and kill Him. But not during the feast lest there be a riot among the people,” and Satan now having entered into Judas, “the son of perdition” stole away to betray his Master (Matthew 26:1-5; Mark 14:1-2; Luke 22:1-6).

It is of interest to observe that this title, “son of perdition,” is restricted to Judas, the treasurer and most trusted among the disciples and so-called friend of our Lord (John 17:12), and to the pope, who as “vicar—deputy or substitute for Christ,” claims to be His closest friend and most trusted confidant among all disciples of every generation (II Thessalonians 2:3; Revelation 17:8, 12). This is blasphemy, for in His bodily absence our Lord Jesus Christ is present in us as the Holy Spirit:

John 14:18-20, 26, “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. In a little while I will be gone from the world, but I will be present with you: for I will live again, and you, too, will live. From the day on which you are born-again you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me and I in you . . . But the Comforter, who is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My Name, shall teach you everything and remind you of all that I have told you.” Jesus came from Spirit to flesh, in which form He was “with” the disciples, and has returned to Spirit, in which form He is “with us” and even “in us to the end of the ages” (John 13:3; Matthew 28:20).

Judas’ apostolic successor as “the son of perdition” is the pope of Rome, whose blasphemous claims include:

Gregory IX (1227 – 1242) stated, “Wherefore, if those things that I do, be said to be done not of man, but of God; what can you make me but God?”

Boniface VIII decreed in 1303, “Temporal authority [of kings] must be subject to spiritual power [of the pope]”.

Pope John XXII (1316 – 1328) stated, “To believe that our Lord God the Pope has not the power to decree as he is decreed, is to be deemed heretical” (The Gloss of Extravagantes of Pope John XXII, Cum. Inter, title 14, chapter 4, “Ad Callem Sexti Decretalium,” Column 140, Paris, 1685. (In an Antwerp edition of the Extravagantes, the words, “Dominum Deum Nostrum Papam” (i.e. “Our Lord God the Pope”) can be found in column 153).

Pius IV (1566-1572) stated, “He that reigneth on high made him [the pope] alone prince over all people and all kingdoms, to pluck up, destroy, scatter, consume, plant and build” (Bull published against Queen Elizabeth I).

Pius V said, “The Pope and God are the same, so he has all power in Heaven and earth” (Barclay, Chapter XXVII, p. 218, ‘Cities Petrus Bertanous’).

Leo XIII asserted, “There is No Allegiance to Christ Without Submission to the Pope” (Michael Malone, Apostolic Digest, Book 4: “The Book of Christians,” Chapter 4). And,

“We hold upon this earth the place of God almighty” (Encyclical Letter, June 20, 1894). And,

“Remember and understand well that where Peter is, there is the Church; that those who refuse to associate in communion with the Chair of Peter belong to Antichrist, not to Christ. He who would separate himself from the Roman Pontiff has no further bond with Christ” (Satis Cognitum, quoted in “Acts of Leo XIII: Supreme Pontiff,” Rome: Vatican Press, 1896).

In 1662 when “Peter’s chair” was being cleaned in order to set it up in some conspicuous place of the Vatican, the twelve labours of Hercules appeared on it (Bower’s History of the Popes, Vol. i. p. 7), it had been borrowed from the Pagans and so it had to be laid aside. The next chair appears to have been purloined from Muslims; for when the French soldiers under General Bonaparte took possession of Rome in 1795, they found on the back of it, in Arabic, this well-known sentence of the Koran, “There is no God but God, and Mahomet is His Prophet” (Lady Morgan’s Italy, Vol. iii. p. 81; Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons).

Pius X stated, “The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but he is Jesus Christ Himself, hidden under the veil of the flesh. Does the Pope speak? It is Jesus Christ who speaks. Does the Pope accord a favor or pronounce an anathema? It is Jesus Christ who pronounces the anathema or accords the favor. So, when the Pope speaks we have no business to examine. We have only to obey” (Catholic National, July 1895).

“The Pope is the spiritual father of all Christians . . . The Pope is the Shepherd and Teacher of all Christians” (A Catechism of Catholic Doctrine, Revised edition, 1985).

Here are but some of the papal titles which confirm his identity as “the” antichrist throughout modern history:

“Most divine of all Heads.” “Holy Father of Fathers.” Pontiff Supreme Over Prelates.” “Overseer of the Christian Religion.” “Pastor of Pastors.” “Christ by Unction.” “Abraham by Patriachate.” “Melchisedec in Order.” “Moses in Authority.” “Samuel in the Judicial Office.” “High Priest, Supreme Bishop.” “Heir to the Apostles; Peter in Power.” “Key-bearer of the Kingdom of Heaven.” “Pontiff Appointed with Plenitude of Power.” “Vicar of Christ.” “Vicar of the Son of God.” “Sovereign Priest.” “Head of all the Holy Churches.” “Chief of the Universal Church.” “Bishop of Bishops.” “Ruler of the House of the Lord.” “Apostolic Lord and Father of Fathers.” “Chief Pastor and Teacher.” “Physician of Souls.” “Rock against which the proud gates of hell prevail not.” “Infallible Pope.” “Head of All the Holy Priests of God”.

In speaking of the identification of antichrist who will become “the beast,” Jesus said, “This calls for [Spiritual] wisdom. Let he who has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, his number is 666” (Revelation 13:18). We “count the number of the beast” by adding the Roman numerals that constitute the papal title, VICARIVS FILII DEI: “vicar—deputy or substitute for Christ” or substitute for the Holy Spirit. Thus: 5 + 1 + 100 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 50 + 1 + 1 + 500 + 1 = 666.

The seven heads of Rome mentioned in Revelation 17 were seven emperors who deified themselves, “And the beast that was, and is not, (the pope “is,” and when he dies he “is not,” but when his replacement is elected he “is”), even he is the eighth (the Devil-incarnate beast), and is of the seven (in that he makes himself god), and goes into perdition. And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength to the beast” to establish Lucifer’s totalitarian one world government (Revelation 17:11-13).

Many are claiming that the mark of the beast will be a micro-chip, but Jesus said it will be identified with one man in whom Satan will rule Rome’s one world government to the consummation (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 17). Paul prophesied, “That man of sin, the son of perdition will be revealed by opposing and exalting himself above every so-called God and what is worshipped, so that he as God sits in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God” (II Thessalonians 2:3-4; Isaiah 14). Christ’s Adversary demands obeisance, the absolute submission of your mind to his will, so his mark is not a micro-chip but absolute dominion of your will through mind control by propaganda, fanatical religion, fear and superstition, with physical violence and death to recalcitrants. Here is a secular illustration of mind control enforced global today.

Revelation 13:4, “And the whole world [vicariously] worshipped the dragon (Satan) who gave his authority to the beast (of Rome in the person of the Devil-incarnate pope): and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like the beast? who is able to make war with him? Because after the sinking of Los Angeles, the “hot stage” of World War III, the collapse of the US dollar and world economy, and Russia’s successful invasion of mainland USA, the pope will restore peace under one world government, repatriate Russia’s occupying armies, and by his covenant with the self-styled Jewish banksters he will refinance the US dollar and restore the world economy. Revelation 17:1-6 portrays Papal Rome seated on or controlling the fourth Gentile world empire, and Revelation 18:1-20 like Daniel 2:40-45, describes Rome’s wealth, her hubris, and her utter destruction.

Revelation 13:5-8, “And the beast (the “little horn” of Daniel 7:20) was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and he was allowed to control the Earth for forty-two months (the first half of Daniel’s Seventieth Week), throughout which he blasphemed God’s Name [changing Lord Jesus Christ to three Titles], and His abode and the resurrected and translated saints [at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb] in heaven. And he was permitted to make war with 144,000 Israelites and their two Hebrew prophets, and to kill them: and authority was given him over every tribe, and tongue, and nation. And all inhabitants of Earth whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world will worship him”.

The mark of the beast is the mark of Cain; it is not a microchip but carnal wisdom, reasoning against the faith or revealed Word of God, which is the vicarious worship of Satan. Brother Branham said, “Anything contrary to the precepts of God, the Word of God, is not God. What is it? What is sin? Righteousness perverted. What is death? Life perverted. What is the kingdom of Satan? Anything that’s setting something to take the place of the Word, anything, any teaching. One word, just one word. You might believe every bit. Eve believed every bit of It to that one Word. That one Word’s all she needed to disbelieve. That one Word is all you need to disbelieve” (Oneness, p. 11:55).

In his dream Nebuchadnezzar saw an image representing four Gentile world powers that will rule from Judah’s defeat in 606BC to the consummation. Its head of gold represented Babylon, while its feet of iron mixed with clay represents “mystery, Babylon the great [Papal Rome], the mother of [once Protestant] harlot [churches] and abominations of the earth” (Daniel 2; Revelation 17:5). The king commanded his world empire worship to this image of Daniel, the holy man who had interpreted his dream to save the righteous from being cast into “a furnace heated seven times hotter than usual” (Daniel 3). And when Satan is cast down into the earth at the end of this dispensation and incarnates the pope, Rome’s image, the brutal (once) Protestant united States of America will force the whole world to receive his mark “and cause all to do obeisance to the image of the beast or be killed” (Revelation 13:15). So the Gentile dispensation that began with the forced worship of a holy man will terminate with the forced worship of a self-proclaimed holy man, “that man of sin, the son of perdition,” and all who worship him or his image will be cast into the Lake of Fire following the White Throne Judgment after man’s seven thousand years on Earth (Revelation 20:14). The Stone Kingdom Nebuchadnezzar saw was cut out of the mountain by faith in the spoken Word without hands and will soon smite the image in its feet of iron and clay. “And in the days of these kingdoms the God of heaven will set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it will break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever” (Daniel 2:44).

In Revelation 17:16 – 18:20 Jesus states ever so plainly that this last Gentile world empire will be the revived Holy (sic) Roman Empire constituted by the ten kingdoms into which it divided between AD351 and 476. Right now this European Union is preparing to elect its first permanent president for a five-year term. “Without the slightest reference to this prophecy, the historian Machiavelli, gives the following list of the nations which occupied the territory of the Western Empire at the time of the fall of Romulus Augustulus in AD476, the last emperor of Rome: The Lombards, the Franks, the Burgundians, the Ostrogoths, the Visigoths, the Vandals, the Heruli, the Suevi, the Alemanni, and the Saxons: ten in all.”

“Amidst unceasing and almost countless fluctuations, the kingdoms of modern Europe have from their birth to the present day averaged ten in number. They have never since the breaking up of old Rome been united into one single empire; they have never formed one whole even like the United States. No scheme of proud ambition seeking to reunite the broken fragments has ever succeeded; when such have arisen, they have been invariably dashed to pieces.”

“And the division is as apparent now as ever. Plainly and palpably inscribed on the map of Europe this day, it confronts the skeptic with its silent but conclusive testimony to the fulfillment of this great prophecy. Who can alter or add to this tenfold list of the kingdoms now occupying the sphere of old Rome? Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, England, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal—ten, and no more; ten, and no less” (H. Grattan Guinness, The Divine Program of the World’s History, pp. 318-321).

Daniel 7:19-20, “Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast [Papal Rome], which was different from all the others [demanding and exercising spiritual power over the other kingdoms], exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, broke in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet; and of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell (the Heruli, Vandals and Ostrogoths); even of that [little] horn [the pope] who had eyes, and a mouth that demanded absolute obedience [as it claimed dominion over heaven, earth and a mythical purgatory], whose appearance was more authoritarian than his fellows” (Revelation 13:4-8).

According to history the Heruli (AD493), the Vandals (AD534) and the Ostrogoths (AD538)—Germanic tribes that adhered to Arianism in opposition to Trinitarianism—were all “plucked up” for their rejection of the Pope. This was their penalty for refusing to take “the mark of the beast” which is to worship the Trinity.

“In AD538, the year when the Ostrogoths collapsed, it was out of the smoking ruins of the western Roman Empire and after the overthrow of the three Arian kingdoms that the pope of Rome emerged as the most important single individual in the West, the head of a closely organized church with a carefully defined creed and with vast potential for political influence. Dozens of writers have pointed out that the real survivor of the ancient Roman Empire was the Church of Rome” (E.G. McKenzie, “Catholic Church” p. 14).

History testifies that shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire a new and diverse civil power arose and soon it forced most of Europe to bow down in reverent obedience to it precisely as its once Protestant united States image is doing today. That entity is the Papacy of Rome. Consider the following historical quotes:

“Long ages ago, when Rome through the neglect of the Western emperors was left to the mercy of the barbarous hordes, the Romans turned to one figure for aid and protection, and asked him to rule them; and thus, in this simple manner, the best title of all to kingly right, commenced the temporal sovereignty of the popes . . . And meekly stepping to the throne of Caesar, the vicar of Christ took up the scepter to which the emperors and kings of Europe were to bow in reverence throughout so many ages” (American Catholic Quarterly Review, April 1911).

This is precisely the pattern and type for what is to take place following the sinking of Los Angeles and the worldwide devastation of earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunamis accompanied by the cleaving of the mount of Olives, the rape of Jerusalem, collapse of the US dollar and global economy, World War III, Russia’s invasion and occupation of the USA, the Papal peace and inauguration of Satan incarnate in the pope as president by universal acclamation of one totalitarian world government.

“Another consequence of the fall of the Roman power in the West was the development of the Papacy. In the absence of an emperor in the West, the popes rapidly gained influence and power, and soon built up an ecclesiastical empire that in some respects took the place of the old empire and carried on its civilizing work” (Philip Van Ness Myers, Rome: Its Rise and Fall, General History for Colleges, p. 316).

“In a few centuries the pope had become in theory, and to a certain extent in practice, the high priest, censor, judge and divine monarch of Christiandom” (Well’s Outline of History, p. 526).

In its great pride and arrogance the Papacy soon exalted itself above the kings of the earth. The Pope claimed to hold the seat of Caesar and the place of Christ on earth. He also claimed the power to enthrone kings and to dethrone kings. And the Monarchs of the nations of Europe trembled under the heavy hand of the Pope.

“The Church of Rome has shed more innocent blood than any other institution that has ever existed among mankind, will be questioned by no Protestant who has a complete knowledge of history” (William E. H. Lecky, History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe, Vol. II, pp. 35-37).

The conservative estimates of those killed by the Roman Catholic Church is 50 million, but some reckon that it is closer to 150 million. Who with any knowledge of the persecutions of the Waldenses, the ravages of the Duke of Alva, the fires of Smithfield; the tortures of Goa, the crusades, the massacres, and the inquisitions could doubt that Papal Rome “made war with the saints and prevailed against them?” I would urge everyone to read Foxes’ Book of Martyrs which contains much information concerning the persecutions of Rome in its pursuit of absolute mind control.

Satan wants to rule your head whereas Jesus desires to be the Lover of your heart, but the Spirit of God will only go where the Word of God is welcome. Those who refused “to receive the mark [of the beast] in their right hand, or in their forehead” were martyred in their millions (Revelation 13:16). Brother Branham said, “This mark in the head means that they will have to take the doctrine of the world church system which is trinitarianism, etc., and the mark in the hand which means to do the will of the world church. With this great power the church systems will persecute the true Bride. This image will try to keep the Bride from preaching and teaching, etc. Her ministers will be forbidden to give comfort and truth to the people who need it. But before the antichrist (in person) takes over this complete world system of churches the true Church will be taken away from this world to be with the Lord. God will catch away His Bride for the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb” (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 377).

Do you see the type and antitype? Just as we have the first and the last Adam, we have the first and the last Judas; the first Babylon and its image, Mystery Babylon; Christ and antichrist; the wise and foolish virgins, and the Great Whore and her (once) Protestant daughter churches. Imperial Rome and Papal Rome, the beast and its image. The Trinitarian religion of ancient Babylon that has overcame the world and is the basis of all religion has overcome the world church system as it overcame Israel and Judah, and for the past 46 years Christ has been calling His people our of Trinitarian religion into the unity of the faith and the glorious liberty of Christ.

Let us now return to our teaching on the betrayal of Jesus Christ on Wednesday night “two days before the feast of Passover.” At this time “One of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests, and said to them, What will you give me if I deliver Him to you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver. And from that time Judas sought an opportunity to betray Him” (Matthew 26:14-16; Mark 14:10-11; Luke 22:1-6).

Nisan 13, our Wednesday sunset to Thursday sunset, April 6

Jesus sent Peter and John to find a place to eat the Passover meal. “Where do you want us to go? they asked. [Jesus must have seen a vision, for] He replied, As soon as you have entered Jerusalem, you will see a man carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him into the house he enters, and say to the householder, The Master says you are to show us to the guest-chamber where He can eat the Passover with His disciples? He will show you upstairs to a large room strewn with cushions, and divans. Prepare the meal there. And they went and found everything as Jesus had said: and prepared the Passover supper” (Luke 22:7-13; Matthew 26:17-19; Mark 14:12-16).

Nisan 14, Thursday sunset our time to Friday sunset, April 7

In the evening of Thursday Nisan 13, Jesus came with the twelve to the guest-chamber for the Supper. John 13:1-4, “Now [one day] before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that His hour had come to depart out of this world to the Father, having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end of His life.” As proven by His readiness to descend to the humblest death in their behalf.

We read in John 7 how Jesus went to the feast of Tabernacles secretly because the Jews wanted to kill Him. In verses 6 and 30, He said, “My time is not yet.” So we see His life was in His Own hands and that His death was accomplished by Himself. Until that precise time came, He was immune to death, and I believe His end-time Bride is immune to death. Now we’re going to witness Jesus lay down His life voluntarily, knowing that He has been betrayed.

It is important to note that Jesus and His disciples did not eat the Passover meal, but a common meal after which He instituted the Lord’s Supper (Matthew 26:26-29; Mark 14:22-25; Luke 22:14-20), for the Passover meal was not eaten until the sundown after he was crucified, which would be a whole day after He instituted the Lord’s Supper. John 13:1-2 expressly says the Last Supper was “before” the Passover feast on Nisan 15, and Nisan 14 AD30, was a Friday, which accords with this view. Further, Paul says nothing of the last supper having been a Passover night, merely that Jesus “took bread.” It is quite evident that Jesus died before the Passover meal for He does not “eat” the Passover as He is the Passover. This was a special “farewell” meal or “last” supper.

The customary Paschal Supper itself commenced by the head of the company taking the first cup of wine and giving thanks. The cup was then drunk, and each washed his hands. John 13:2-5, “And supper having begun, the Devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray Him; Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands, and that He had come from God, and was going to God; He rose from supper, and laid aside His garments; and took a towel, and girded Himself”—in His self-humiliation to perform the footwashing normally done by slaves before to the commencement of the meal, but in the absence of a slave the duty naturally devolved on the humblest of the circle, and the footwashing that was anticipated was left undone in default of a disciple willing to submit himself in humility (John 13:12-14; Luke 22:24-30). This transpired after Thursday evening had become Friday night Nisan 14, the first day of Unleavened Bread, in which all leaven is expelled from the home as it was the preparation day for the Passover whose lamb would be killed “between the evenings” of Nisan 14 and Nisan 15; that is, before the close of the Nisan 14.

“Jesus poured water into a bason and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the loin cloth He had about Him. When He came to Simon Peter, he said to Him, Lord, is it right for You to wash my feet? Jesus replied, You don’t understand now why I am doing it; but you will soon know. Peter protested, You shall never wash my feet! Jesus replied, But if I don’t, you have no part with Me. Simon Peter exclaimed, Then wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head. Jesus replied, He that has bathed all over needs only to have his feet washed to be entirely clean (or free from impurity). But He spoke this Word only of the eleven, and not of Judas, into whose heart Satan had planted an impure thought. So He said, Not all of you are clean. For He knew who had betrayed Him.”

“After washing their feet, He put His robe back on, and everyone returned to their places around the table. Then He asked, Do you understand what I was doing? You call me Teacher and Lord: and you say well; for that is what I am. Therefore if I then, your Lord and Teacher have washed your feet; you should wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example to emulate: do as I have done to you. Truly, a servant is not greater than his master; neither is the messenger greater than the one who sends him. You know these things. Obey them and you will be blessed.”

“I am not saying this to all of you: I know whom I have chosen: but that the Scripture may be fulfilled, He that eats My bread will betray Me (Psalm 41:9). I tell you now, before it happens, so when it comes to pass, you may believe on Me.” Jesus had washed the feet of Judas, His betrayer who would also partake of that first Lord’s Supper, the bread of which symbolized the manifested Word of the Lord’s body broken for him.

The institution of the Lord’s Supper was a special act introduced into the customary tradition of the Pascal celebration, which commemorated an event which pointed to and merged in another event—the offering of the better Lamb, and the better freedom connected with that Sacrifice. Hence, after the night of His betrayal, the Paschal lamb could have no further meaning, and it was right that the commemorative bread of Christ’s Body should take its place. The symbolical cord had stretched to its goal—the offering up of the Lamb of God; and though it would continue from that point onwards till His second ‘erchomai’ coming, it was a new beginning.

Next bitter herbs were dipped in salt water and eaten and after a second cup was drunk; hands were washed a second time, thanks given, and one of the two unleavened cakes was broken as Jesus did at a later part of the service (Matthew 26:26; Mark 14:22; Luke 22:19; I Corinthians 11:24). Next the Paschal lamb itself, after which nothing more was to be eaten, but since the cessation of the Paschal sacrifice after AD70 the Jews conclude the supper with a piece of unleavened bread. Then, having again washed their hands, the third cup is filled, and grace after meat said. Now, it is prescient that our Lord seems to have anticipated the present Jewish practice in that He broke the bread “when He had given thanks,” instead of adhering to the old injunction of not eating anything after the Passover lamb. And yet in so doing He only carried out the spirit of the Paschal feast. For He was “that bread from heaven, which if a man eat, he will live forever,” and as we have already explained, it was commemorative and typical.

Immediately after the meal was finished the third cup was drunk, a special blessing having been spoken over it. This was the cup which Jesus connected with His own Supper—to symbolize His blood. It is called in Jewish writings as in I Corinthians 10:16, “the cup of blessing. . . And when they had sung a hymn (Psalms 115 – 118) they went out into the mount of Olives” (Matthew 26:30). The service would normally conclude with the fourth cup, over which the second portion of the “Hallel” was sung.

As indicated by Matthew 26:22, 25; Luke 22:23 and John 13:22, the giving of the “sop” to Judas must have been after both the last Supper and the Lord’s Supper because it was “after supper” that Jesus took the cup and made it the sacrament in His Blood, and after this that Jesus said, “the hand that betrays Me is with Me on the table” (Luke 22:19-23; I Corinthians 11:25, 27-30). He is already submitting to what He knows to be the will of the Father in voluntarily laying down His life. “Truly I assure you, he who receives whomsoever I send receives Me; and he who receives Me receives the Holy Spirit that sent Me” (John 13:4-20, 26).

Picture this in your mind as we follow the dialogue in John 13:21-30. “Having spoken of His betrayer, Jesus was in great anguish, and exclaimed, Truly, one of you shall betray Me. Then the disciples looked one toward another, wondering whom He could mean.” John reclined at Jesus’ right hand with his head towards His bosom with Judas next behind on his divan, for Jesus had seated Judas to His left side as an honored guest at the head of the table. Jesus had appealed to Judas’ conscience, when without naming names, He foretold that one of those present would betray Him. Now He will appeal to Judas’ heart by honoring him with the sop (Titus 3:9-11). As Simon Peter faced John, he was able to “beckon unto him.” Understanding his meaning, and “leaning back with his head on Jesus’ chest, John whispered, Pssst: who is it? Jesus whispered, It is the one I will honor by giving this morsel of bread dipped in sauce. When Jesus had dipped the sop, He gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon.” And like Pharaoh and Esau who rejected grace when it was offered, Judas “found no place of repentance”.

“Knowing the spiritual transaction that had taken place, and that further appeal was useless, Jesus dismissed Judas saying, Hurry and do what you must. None of the others knew what Jesus meant. Some thought that since Judas was their treasurer, He had told him to buy seven day’s provisions needed for the feast of Unleavened Bread that would commence the following afternoon, or that he should give something to the poor. Judas, having received the sop, left immediately: and it was night”.

Jesus sealed the contract of the New Covenant spoken of in Jeremiah 31:31 by drinking the cup. He will pay the Bride price or “mohar” on Calvary in His Own blood (Israelite Marriage). Let’s turn to Matthew 26:26-29 and read how Jesus instituted the memorial we know as the Lord’s Supper.

“As they were eating, Jesus took a piece of hard unleavened bread which required to be broken, blessed, broke, and gave it to the disciples, saying, Take, eat; this represents My body.” Of course it was not His body, it was wheat flour and water symbolizing His body which was that corn of wheat that must fall to the ground and die, in order that it could reproduce His Life in the many-membered Body of His Church.

From this we see that we are to observe the Lord’s Supper in the evening, not in the morning. It is the Lord’s Supper, not His breakfast or His lunch. The unleavened bread is to be prepared by the holy hands of a saint from wheat flour sifted fine so that every grain, like Jesus Christ, is “the same.” Water is added to make the dough which is rolled wafer-thin and cut square, not round like bread baked for Astarte the Babylonian queen of heaven, worshipped by the Catholics as the virgin Mary. Then it is baked in an oven, or over a hot pan.

“And Jesus took the cup of wine and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Each of you drink of it; for this is My blood sealing the New Covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. Mark My Words, I will not drink this wine again, until the day I drink it in a higher sense with you in My Father’s kingdom.” Jesus was pointing to “the Marriage Supper of the Lamb” (Matthew 26:29; I Corinthians 11:26; Revelation 19:9).

The wine we take at the Lord’s Supper is not grape juice but fermented wine made by holy hands, or feet. Juice sours whilst wine has a spirit, which like the Holy Spirit it preserves and improves with age.

The type for Calvary and the Lord’s Supper was the first Passover in Egypt. As only those under the blood of the lamb and prepared for the journey were allowed to partake of the Passover, so only those under the Blood of Christ or truly born-again and living sanctified lives, in communion with the Lord and His saints through the unity of the faith, and rapture-ready, are qualified to partake the Lord’s Supper.

Judas partook of the first Lord’s Supper with iniquity in his heart and was accursed. Paul warned, “Whosoever eats this bread, and drinks this cup of the Lord unworthily, will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord. That’s why a man should examine himself beforehand (and if he needs to ask forgiveness, he should first make things right with those he’s wronged. Or if he feels someone has wronged him, he should go to that person and inform him before taking Communion), because if he eats and drinks unworthily, not discerning the Lord’s Body (which is the individual members of the Church, then like Judas) he eats and drinks his own damnation.”

“Such careless and unworthy participation is the reason so many of your number are spiritually weak and sickly; some are spiritually dead. For if we would examine our own lives we would recognize and correct our shortcomings, so we should not be judged. But when we fall short and are judged by the Word, we are corrected by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world. Therefore when you gather together for the Lord’s Supper, wait upon those who are making things right” (I Corinthians 11:27-33).

During the last supper Jesus prophesied Peter’s denials, told them of the necessity of His separation, the Coming of the Holy Spirit, the true evidence of the new birth, the commandment to follow the example of His life and to propagate the faith. Jesus then prayed and they departed for Gethsemane (John 14:1-17:26).

“In agony of spirit [in the garden named for its oil presses where the pure Olive was beaten to give Light to the world] He broke into a sweat of blood, great drops falling to the ground as He prayed more earnestly” (Luke 22:44; Exodus 27:20), beseeching the Father if there be some other way to atone for Adam and his fallen race. There in His agony He overcame the frailties of flesh and mortal spirit: “Father, if this cup cannot pass unless I drink it, Your will be done” (Matthew 26:42). Then Judas arrived with a mob of thugs organized by the religious leaders to arrest Jesus. The eleven disciples fled and Jesus was led to Caiaphas’ palace where He was interrogated throughout the night until the early hours of the day of preparation for the Passover—Friday Nisan 14 (John 18:28; Matthew 27:2; Mark 15:1).

The Jewish leaders were desperate to be rid of Jesus, but the Law forbad them to try a prisoner at night (Talmud Sanhedrin 32a, chapter 4). So “they led Jesus from Caiaphas to Pilate’s hall of judgment: it was early (in the day of preparation, between 11:00pm and midnight Thursday our time but already the sixth day, Friday, in Hebrew time). They did not personally enter the judgment hall in case they became defiled and unable to eat the Passover (John 18:28).

Here is a FIXED time: morning is any time before sunrise when it is yet dark. The Sanhedrin found Jesus guilty of blasphemy and before sunrise they delivered Him to Governor Pilate, to pronounce the death penalty. There the entire Council began at once accusing Jesus, “This Man has been telling our nation not to pay taxes to the Roman government, claiming He is our Messiah and King”!

“Pilate found no fault in Jesus, and learning He was of Galilee and therefore under Herod’s jurisdiction, he sent Him to Herod who was in Jerusalem for the Passover. When Jesus declined to amuse Herod with a miraculous demonstration, he had his troops dress Jesus in royal purple and then sent Him back to Pilate for a joke.”

“Knowing Jesus’ innocence, “Pilate sought to release Him: but the Jews cried, If you let this Man go, you are not Caesar’s friend: whoever makes himself a king speaks against Caesar.”

“When Pilate heard these words he brought Jesus forth, and sat down in the judgment seat. It was the preparation day of the Passover, and already about the sixth hour (after midnight, or about 6:00am on Nisan 14, according to Roman reckoning and the trial was still in progress. Another FIXED time).

“With irony Pilate said to the Jews, Behold your King! But they cried out, Away with Him! Away with Him! Crucify Him! Pilate said sarcastically, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar. (Prophesying the fact their nation will be under Roman dominion unto the consummation of life). Then Pilate gave Jesus to them to be crucified” (Matthew 26:30 – 27:2; Luke 22:54-23:25; John 19:12-16).

The purple robe was taken, and Jesus wore only His own clothes to Calvary, which, before He was crucified, were stripped from Him and sold in a sweep while He looked down naked from the Cross about three hours after Pilate had delivered Him to be crucified (John 19:15-18).

Mark 15:25 says, “It was about the third hour [of the day or 9:00am] when they crucified Him.” The time of the Temple morning sacrifice.

The synoptic gospels declare that “from about the sixth hour there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour” or from noon until 3:00pm when Jesus died. This could not have been an eclipse because it was the middle of the month when the moon is full. The darkness signified God had rejected the regular evening sacrifice, and light returned once the true and accepted sacrifice was fulfilled (Matthew 27:45-50; Mark 15:33-37; Luke 23:44-46).

Time was drawing-on. (Less than three hours remained to 6:00pm and the High Day or holy convocation of Nisan 15, and the first day of Unleavened Bread. As their days were not actually regulated by the clock, but like the months and religious festivals, by observation of the sun and harvest, daytime may have been several hours longer at this time of year). John 19:31, “The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation of the Passover, so that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the sabbath day, for that sabbath day was a high day, asked Pilate that their legs might be broken, (causing almost instant suffocation), so that they might be taken away”.

The Jew’s first concern after the crucifixion was obeying the letter of the Law. Jesus had to be buried in haste for Jewish Law commands: “If a man committed a sin worthy of death, and is hanged on a tree: His body shall not remain all night upon the tree, but you shall bury him that day” (Deuteronomy 21:22-23).

The Jewish day begins at sunset, the Passover meal will be served on the evening of Nisan 15, less than three hours away. According to John 19:14 and 16, and John is emphatic about this: “It was the day of preparation of the Passover . . . then Pilate handed Jesus over to the Jews to be crucified”.

On the day of preparation, the evening sacrifice was killed at the sixth hour and offered at the seventh (1:00pm). The killing of the Passover lambs began immediately after and finished at the ninth hour (3:00pm) when our Lord “Gave up the ghost.” And all four gospels state emphatically that Jesus was buried before sunset on Nisan 14.

The new day beginning at 6:00pm was the HIGH DAY of Nisan 15, the FIRST day of the feast (John 19:31) when the Passover meal was eaten. Nisan 15 is a FIXED date and was always a sabbath no matter on which day of the week it fell. That year it fell on a Saturday, (our Friday sunset to Saturday sunset).

Let us read Leviticus 23:4-8, “These are the feasts of the Lord, holy convocations, which you shall proclaim in their appointed times. On the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight is the Lord’s Passover. And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of Unleavened Bread unto the Lord: seven days you must eat unleavened bread. On the first day you shall have a holy convocation: you shall do no customary work therein. But you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord for seven days. The seventh day is a holy convocation: you shall do no customary work therein”.

The first day of each of the three compulsory pilgrim feasts of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles was a “holy convocation.” It was called by the Hebrews “Good day,” which is still the customary greeting throughout Jewry to the present time.

The special sabbaths were fixed DATES, not fixed DAYS: they could fall on any day of the week. To illustrate, if the sabbath of the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread were a Saturday, the sabbath of the seventh day could not be a Saturday.

The first and seventh days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread were not the only special sabbaths or holy convocations. The Feast of Trumpets on Tishri 1, Day of Atonement on Tishri 10, the first and eighth days of the Feast of Tabernacles that same month were also special sabbaths. If the first day of this Feast was a Saturday, the eighth must also be a Saturday. But were the first day to fall on any other day of the week, neither special sabbath would be a Saturday (Leviticus 23:23-32; 33-36).

Before closing, I will quote Leviticus 23:10-11 so we can prove what day Jesus was crucified. “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them, When you come into the land which I give you, and reap the harvest, then you shall bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest to the priest: and he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord, to be accepted for you: on the day after the sabbath the priest shall wave it.”

This sabbath is the high day or holy convocation of Nisan 15, the first day of the feast of Unleavened Bread—commanded by verse 7. As the sheaf was always waved on Nisan 16 which always follows the sabbath of Nisan 15, it should be clear that it is not the regular weekly sabbath that is here spoken of. However we know that in the year of Christ’s crucifixion, the sabbath of Nisan 15 fell upon a Saturday, because Christ was the sheaf, and He was waved after His resurrection on the first day of the week, which was the day after the regular Saturday sabbath.

We will pause our narrative after 3:00pm, Friday Nisan 14.

We have discovered the necessity of thinking according to the Hebrew reckoning of time. We’ve received some fresh understanding on the sequence of events regarding the last days of our Lord on earth, and by calculating forward, recognized that His crucifixion had to be on a Friday.

We now know that having been crucified on the day of Preparation of the Passover, Jesus could not have eaten the Passover lamb with His disciples (John 18:28; 19:14). And we’ve received valuable new insight on the institution of the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and foot washing.

This is what Brother Branham said, and it is what he meant. If we can’t take his teachings to God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation, then we, not “he,” have the wrong revelation. And I had the wrong revelation but God caused a Brother to tap me on the shoulder with a little e-mail; the Holy Spirit did the rest.

Critics may say, “What has this got to do with the Rapture”?

These are a few of the “missing clues” in the jig-saw puzzle. If we can get the “little foxes out of the vine,” we’ll gain a more perfect understanding of the “big picture,” that is Christ the fullness of the Word. God bless you all.

(I was asked this question recently: “Why are Jesus’ disciples coming to Him on the First Day of Unleavened Bread according to Matthew 26:17, asking where they should prepare the meal? How can they be doing this on the First Day of Unleavened Bread if we are to believe that Jesus was killed for Passover and was in the grave on the First Day of Unleavened Bread?”

I responded, “If we look at John 13:1, “Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that His hour was come that He should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved His own which were in the world, He loved them unto the end.” This was, the preparation day, or Nisan 14, (our Thursday sunset to Friday sunset), one day before the Passover and feast of Unleavened Bread. Nisan 15 was a Saturday this particular year, making it a sabbath or holy convocation, and as Nisan 15, the first day of Unleavened Bread is always a sabbath or holy convocation—regardless which day of the week it falls, this was a “double sabbath” or “high day.”

Now read John 18:28, “Then led they Jesus from Caiaphas unto the hall of judgment: and it was early; and they themselves went not into the judgment hall, lest they should be defiled; but that they might eat the Passover.” (This was probably very late Thursday night our time or Friday, Nisan 14, Hebrew time—still 18-19 hours before the Passover meal was to be eaten on Friday evening our time which was Saturday evening Nisan 15 in Hebrew time).

Next we come to John 19:14, “And it was the preparation of the Passover, and about the sixth hour: and Pilate said unto the Jews, Behold your King!” This is about midnight (the sixth hour) Thursday night our time or Friday Nisan 14, Hebrew time—about 18 hours before the Passover meal, and the Pascal lambs would not be killed until between 1:00 – 3:00pm that day—3 to 16 hours hence. The “day of preparation” was Nisan 14 when the Hebrew people cleaned their homes from top to bottom to ensure there was no leaven in the house.

This brings us back to Matthew 26:17, “Now the first day of the feast of Unleavened Bread the disciples came to Jesus, saying unto Him, Where wilt You that we prepare for You to eat the Passover?” (This is saying, “Now the first day of Unleavened Bread was APPROACHING which was a sabbath and on which work like “preparing for the Passover” was forbidden under the Law”).

Mark 14:12, “And the first day of [having no] Unleavened Bread [in the house WAS AT HAND AND], when they killed the Passover, His disciples said unto Him, Where wilt Thou that we go and prepare that You may eat the Passover?”

And Luke 22:7-9, “Then came the day of [having no] Unleavened Bread [in the house], when the Passover must be killed. And He sent Peter and John, saying, Go and prepare us the Passover, that we may eat. And they said unto Him, Where wilt You that we prepare?”

This should be understood as THEN THE DAY FOR REMOVING ALL LEAVEN AND LEAVENED BREAD FROM THE HOME WAS AT HAND, or day of PREPARATION FOR the Day of Unleavened Bread and the Passover Meal was at hand. It cannot be the first day of Unleavened Bread because the Passover was killed BEFORE the day of Unleavened Bread. Had this been the first day of Unleavened Bread they could prepare nothing, for it was a holy convocation and NO work could be performed on that day). bb980527.htm


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Is God the I AM, the I WAS, or the I WILL BE?

October 9, 2009

Bible Believers’ Newsletter #602
“We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . .”
ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for joining us in fellowship.

We have an extraordinary number of news items this week. Extraordinarily high earthquake activity, genocidal campaigns of Bigpharma, chemtrails, HAARP and the “Climate Change”-ETS assault upon the global economy and food production (see the edifying presentation) indicate that “Authority has been given to Death and the grave over the fourth part of Earth, to kill with warfare, and famine, and with plagues of disease, and with brutal, bestial men [as witnessed in the dastardly aggression against the Muslim nations]” (Revelation 6:8).

All of these news items are an indictment of our political, business and professional leaders, educators and clergy who are clearly no more than servants and sycophants of the City of London or mind-manipulated cowards who love the praise of men more than honour and service to God and humanity. Men and women who should command respect are transparently Satanic, liars and murderers whether intentional or not.

In our main Article we review some of the essential elements of the faith. Please take them to heart as the days are evil and the end of grace is imminent.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


Swarm of Earthquakes hits Central California
October 3, 2009 – A ‘swarm’ of 75 quakes (and counting) have hit Central California. Several geologists are concerned it may have an effect on the farther north Cascadia Subduction Zone which begins in Northern California and follows the Pacific coast to Alaska.

This subduction zone has the potential to create mega-quakes which could reach 9.0 magnitude and larger. It has a history of such which after a 9.0 earthquake in 1700, set off a tsunami which traveled across the Pacific hitting Japan and killing hundreds. . . Full story: (Note the 10-degree map). October 4, 2009 4:00PM PDT Olancha Earthquake Sequence Continues—New October 3rd and 4th activity Reveals New Structure Orthogonal to Previous Olancha Sequence Structures California Integrated Seismic Network (Caltech/USGS)


As you know, the Centers for Disease Creation is going to be unleashing the H1N1 pandemic this week via millions of LIVE viruses which will be sprayed up people’s noses in the witch’s brew named “Flumist”. Once millions are infected and very sick, the shot version will be unleashed, targeting pregnant women and young children. One of my clients, whose husband owns a medical supply company, called me today to tell me that he received a call from a government agent informing him that it is ILLEGAL for him to sell any syringes or needles to be used for the H1N1 shot, as the government has chosen one company to supply them (obviously because the needle will be preloaded with the RFID chip). It is for this reason, as well as the toxic adjuvants (especially squalene) which will be in the WHO FLU shot, that you need to JUST SAY NO when instructed to roll up your sleeve. There is NO way I know of to neutralize the chip, nor to detox an adjuvant made of a substance found naturally in your body . . . which will cause an epidemic of autoimmune disease. Pharmageddon can only occur if you roll up your sleeve! In NYS, health care workers held a huge protest last week when they were told they would lose their jobs if they did not take the bioweapon vaccine. We must all do the same! Full story:

Comment: Statistically the odds against dying with swine ‘flu are 8 million to 1.


Israeli Scientists unveil Mini-robot that can travel through Bloodstream
June 26, 2007 – “The robot will be able to crawl against the bloodstream with a force typical of blood vessels within the body without any problem, which has not been possible before.”

Oded Salomon, researcher at the medical robotics lab in the Technion’s engineering faculty, added that the miniaturization achievement is unprecedented, as is the ability to control the robot’s activity for unlimited periods of time, for any medical procedure. For comparison, the diameter of a similar robot researchers at Kyoto University developed is one centimeter. The Israeli robot’s diameter is one millimeter. . . Full story:


Strange Days Strange Skies
Life in the Time of Chemtrails 1997-2009: You are now breathing ethylene dibromide, virally mutated molds, nano-particulates of aluminum and barium and cationic polymer fibers with unidentified bio-active material. . .
Full story:

Comment: Be patient while this page loads, read all of it and be informed. The Pale horse is at the gallop (Revelation 6:8).


Carbon Sense and ‘Climate Change’ (so-called)
Carbon is wrongly vilified in Western societies, particularly in government, the media, and in business circles. The objective of this excellent PowerPoint program is to restore balance and reason to the carbon debate, and to explain and defend the key role of carbon in production of most of our energy for heat, light, and transportation, and all of our food.
Full story: Further information is available from this website

Comment: Science is also showing that CO² is a miracle gas that has increased global food production by over 12 percent. It will continue to do so at an increasing rate. At best, passing the Waxman-Markey bill is not in the nation’s best interest. It is pure folly. At worst, it is insanity. It is all pain and no climate gain.
Full story:


Iran’s Nuclear Threat is a Lie
October 1, 2009 – Iran’s crime is its independence. Having thrown out America’s favourite tyrant, Shah Reza Pahlavi, Iran remains the only resource-rich Muslim state beyond US control. As only Israel has a “right to exist” in the Middle East, the US goal is to cripple the Islamic Republic. This will allow Israel to divide and dominate the Middle East on Washington’s behalf, undeterred by a confident neighbour. If any country in the world has been handed urgent cause to develop a nuclear “deterrence”, it is Iran.

As one of the original signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has been a consistent advocate of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East. In contrast, Israel has never agreed to an IAEA inspection, and its nuclear weapons plant at Dimona remains an open secret. . .

Obama’s “showdown” with Iran has another agenda. On both sides of the Atlantic the media have been tasked with preparing the public for endless war. The US/NATO commander General Stanley McChrystal says 500,000 troops will be required in Afghanistan over five years, according to America’s NBC. The goal is control of the “strategic prize” of the gas and oilfields of the Caspian Sea, central Asia, the Gulf and Iran—in other words, Eurasia. But the war is opposed by 69 per cent of the British public, 57 per cent of the US public and almost every other human being. . .
Full story:


October Rant
October 2, 2009 – The big worry now is the coming war with Iran. For a long time we’ve been warning you we are going to attack Iran to make Israel happy. Yes, let’s come out and say it, the coming war with Iran is only due to Israel and nothing else. This is going to be the biggest mistake we have ever made. Iraq is currently the biggest mistake we have ever made, and most of the world hates us for it. Saudi Arabia has already given Israeli fighter jets a landing base for their coming attack. You heard the endless lies about Iran’s “secret nuclear weapons” facility. There was no secret facility, nor was it for weapons. Iran has openly had a 5% concentration energy facility that the international inspectors have visited for years. You cannot make anything but energy with 5% refinement. Iran signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty years ago, and has regular inspections. Israel never signed the treaty, and has never once allowed an inspection. Israel has an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons. America is a police state, not Iran. We have FOUR times the number of people in prison per capita than they do. They have ONE FOURTH the prison population we do based on population. It’s a bastion of freedom compared to America. We have more people locked up than any other country on earth and far ahead of Russia, Cuba and China (North Korea won’t release prison statistics but they aren’t as bad as the US).

Don’t kid yourself. Why are we attacking Pakistan? Why are we attacking Afghanistan? Why are we threatening Syria? Why do we have one soldier on foreign soil?

General Stanley McChrystal is the commander of western forces in Afghanistan. He just asked for 500,000 (one half million) troops to be sent to Afghanistan. You read that correctly—a half million troops to be sent there. We should not have one soldier in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan or anywhere else. That’s right, we should not have one American solider not on US soil. Every one of our troops should come home. Why do we have ANY troops overseas anywhere? Japan is going to throw out every US soldier, as they are sick of them after more than 60 years. It took them six decades to wise up. The new Hotoyama regime hates the US with good reason. We have saddled them with our debt for decades. They are the second largest economy in the world with a mere 100 million people. They are finished with us. . .
Full story:


Nations seek to dump Dollar as Oil Currency
October 6, 2009 – Robert Fisk, writing on Tuesday for The Independent UK, has reported that a number of Arab states, along with several major world powers, have been holding secret meetings to formulate a plan that would eliminate the US dollar as the main form of currency in international oil transactions.

The nations involved—which include a variety of Gulf states, as well as China, Russia, Japan, India and Brazil—are seeking to switch from the dollar to a collection of other currencies such as the yen, yuan, euro, gold as well as a forthcoming unified currency to be used by members of the Gulf Co-operation Council. . . Full story:


NASA Moon Bombing violates Space Law
June 19, 2009 – The planned October 9, 2009 bombing of the moon by a NASA orbiter with a 2-ton kinetic weapon to create a 5 mile wide deep crater as an alleged water-seeking and lunar colonization experiment, is contrary to space law prohibiting environmental modification of celestial bodies. The NASA moon bombing, a component of the LCROSS mission, may also trigger conflict with known extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon as reported on the moon in witnessed statements by US astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, and in witnessed statements to NSA (National Security Agency) photos and documents regarding an extraterrestrial base on the dark side of the moon. . .
Full story:

Comment: This could be confirmation of the late Dr. Peter Beter’s reports of the late ’70s to early 80s which we covered in these Newsletters. The extraterrestrials are Earthlings!


The Irish Referendum Outcome is Null and Void
October 5, 2009 – That the Irish Referendum has been rigged is therefore NO SURPRISE. For we are dealing with ruthless crooks, which is why they are keen on having the British deceiver, intelligence operative and crook, Tony BLIAR, as their first President, to match that disgusting little Portuguese operative, Barroso. Stand by now for consequences similar, in the contemporary context, to those events that followed Hitler’s acquisition of GENERAL POWERS from the Legislature by means of INTIMIDATION and MENDACITY, the techniques which, with bribery, have been used to rig the Referendum. . . Full story:


A Catholic Court? Let the Arguments Begin
October 4, 2009 – The new session of the Supreme Court of the United States opens Monday with a slate of important cases looming—and a novelty that some worry is more than a historical curiosity: namely, with the addition of the newest justice, Sonia Sotomayor, six of the nine justices on the high court are . . . Roman Catholics. . . and Jewish justices now account for two of the three non-Catholic seats on the high court. . . Full story:


Is God the I AM, the I WAS, or the I WILL BE?

It’s a privilege to worship with you and exciting to know God is still calling for that last elect and to realize there are still sincere souls hungering and thirsting after righteousness. Today we’ll examine what constitutes faith and what constitutes sin, then apply the lesson to our individual experience and attitude to the greatest revelation of all—the supreme deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Too many church people imagine God is an easy-come, easy-go sort of Guy who loves us all so much He’s not too fussed how we understand Him and whether our lives reflect His Word or this world. But according to the Bible He’s a God of His Word, a strict God who from the beginning made clear He requires man to live by His Word, and every one. We need to be earnest in our desire to understand His requirements and to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

Jesus commanded His Church to “Walk in the Light He is in and keep watching for more Light to unfold.” Spiritual Light is a revelation of the Word or Will of God and unless our lives are manifesting the Word God is fulfilling in this age we are not and cannot come “under the blood of Christ,” which is to be born-again. God can’t make “written epistles” today by the Word He fulfilled yesterday in the ages of the Luther, Wesley or even the Pentecostals (so-called), any more than the press can sell yesterday’s news (I John 1:7).

Few Bible readers have any conception what God’s Bible promises are for today. It is later than most dare imagine. The faith God required of father or grandma will not place us into the Body of Christ today. This is another age in which God is fulfilling a further part of His Word. We can’t be born again by impersonating the Light of a day gone by and must search the Scriptures to ensure our lives are the manifestation of the present Truth . . . what His Word promised Jesus would be doing now.

Let’s cast our thoughts back to the first “Good Friday.” As they had done for 1,500 years, the Hebrew ministers offered God the morning sacrifice and oblation which pointed to the coming Messiah who would be a propitiation for sin. I imagine He smiled upon them and thought, “That’s My People, faithfully fulfilling My Commandments and the ordinances of Moses My prophet.” But in the evening time when they offered another lamb, God’s anger rose in His nostrils. He rejected the ministers with their offering, and all who offered the lamb were blotted from the Book of Life because Moses’ Message was fulfilled, and they were blaspheming (Psalm 69:28).

Those people were sincere, their ministers would be stoned for not obeying the ordinances to the letter. How could God refuse them? God rejected their sincere worship for the same reason He rejected Cain’s sincere offering, and the sincere worship of multitudes who love Him today. Their worship was in vain because they were sincerely wrong (Matthew 15:9; Revelation 3:17). Without faith it is impossible to please God and they were not walking in the Light of the present Truth but impersonating the Word for a day gone, proving they were not His people (I John 1:7; John 10:5; Hebrews 11:6).

What was Life and righteousness in the morning had become sin the same evening. They failed to recognize the Light of the hour, God was doing the new thing as promised by His prophets. They were walking with their hand in the hand of their minister, trusting their denomination and even the “letter” of His unchanging Word without knowing God by faith, which is a clear understanding of His Word for their day.

Israel were the most religious people. They loved the One True God, read His Word, attended worship, obeyed the Law, and died as martyrs. But they failed to keep on walking in the Light, watching for more Light to unfold as foretold by His prophets, and by impersonating a bygone age they have been apostate for 2,000 years. These examples warn us that God is no respecter of persons and is concluding the Gentile churches in apostasy because they have failed to recognize their day and its Message. Don’t expect the great revivals predicted by today’s blind leaders of the blind. The only revival is in the heart of Christ’s Bride. Look for apostasy! “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (I Thessalonians 4:13-5:14; Romans 11:32). So let us examine ourselves, whether we are in the faith, or impersonating an age gone by.

During the Church Ages the Bible was sealed with Seven Seals. As a Mediator, Christ interceded for the ignorance of the hidden fullness of the Word and for the faith lost in the heart of saints martyred during the Dark Ages, and overlooked errors as the Protestant Reformation of the Roman Catholic system of worship progressed to greater Light. Yet the saints had to walk in all the Light revealed to their age in order to be born-again: Justification by grace through faith in the age of Luther; Sanctification added to that in the age of Wesley; and the Baptism of the Spirit or restoration of the Gifts added in Laodicea (or Pentecost). Denominations followed each of these moves of God, organizing to preserve and foster the Light revealed to their founders. But faith and the Holy Spirit cannot be institutionalized, and without exception these man-made systems have refused to receive further Light revealed to the succeeding age and became a hindrance to faith.

Like their predecessors who protested, “We are Moses’ disciples,” denominations love the historical Jesus but hate Christ, the revealed Word of the hour as It condemns them, and to refuse revealed Truth is sin. During the Church Ages Christ interceded for ignorance of faith “that was in PART,” not for iniquity and unbelief in the revealed Word.

The “Reformation” was not the promised restoration. The reformers sought a return only to the beliefs of the Roman Catholic church summarized in the “Apostles’ Creed,” written following the First Nicea Council of AD325 centuries after the death of the original apostles. These teachings cannot be found in your Bible! God’s original Church with the original faith was founded at Pentecost and is the only Truth God can restore. The Protestant churches all came out of Rome, and truly are her daughters as the Bible says. They were called “Protestant” because historically they protested the evil teachings of Romanism. Today they protest nothing and are hand-in-glove with mother Rome.

When the Seven Seals were revealed at the end of the Church Ages “the mystery of God was finished” along with Christ’s Mediation. All seven Church Ages are over. The denominations rejected the fullness of the Word and cannot be restored, being “naked of the Blood, blind to the faith, wretched, miserable, and [like Israel] are apostate and know it not” (I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 3:14-20; 4; 5; 10:1-7; 18:1-4).

Christ is the Mystery of God revealed, and the Church is the Mystery of Christ revealed. As Christ is the beginning of the creation of God, the true Church is the continuation of the same Creation for the Bible is the Story of God changing His form or unfolding Himself from the Eternal Spirit alone with His thoughts, through the spoken Word to the flesh of those thoughts in the form of His Family. It is the story of God the Creator unfolding Himself into glorified Creation. Jesus Christ is the Author and Beginning of the creation of God (Colossians 1:15-19; Revelation 3:14).

Before time, before atoms and molecules, planets or stars; light, dark, angels or beings of any description . . . before God was God—that sounds strange, but the word “god” means “object of worship” and until creation, there was nothing to worship Him—He was just the Eternal Spirit alone with His thoughts.

God’s thoughts are not like your thoughts or my thoughts. We might have great plans for tomorrow, but if we forget about them until the day after, they were just a fantasy. God’s thoughts are Eternal. They are real and will come to pass in their designated decreed season and time. Unlike man God is not now learning or even taking counsel with Himself. His ideas He has always had. Being omniscient He cannot add to His knowledge, and will never have a new idea. That is straight Bible Truth, isn’t it?

Christians must understand there is only One Creator God whose thoughts are Eternal and real as they are the Attributes of what He is. God is His thoughts. In Him were Attributes to be a Father, but how would this ever be known until His first son, Adam was formed? In God were Attributes to be a Savior, but He could not display these Attributes until there was a “fall” and a people requiring salvation. His Attribute of justice would not allow Him to cause His children to fall, or force them as puppets to obey His Will. So He placed them in the Garden on free moral agency to choose whether to reflect His Attributes of love and trust by obedient faith, or mix His Word with Lucifer’s reasoning. In God were Attributes to be Healer, but He could not express them until there was sickness and hurt. O how God loves to display His Attributes to us and through us to gather glory to Himself as the One true “object of worship”.

Like Adam and Eve, we are to reflect the nature and character of God by identifying with His attributes. True worship is a life lived under preeminence to His Word. He gathers glory to Himself when His glorious Attributes are reproduced in the lives of His Children, making us chips off the old Block, like Father, like son.

No one is born with character. Character is a victory gained by overcoming in the trials of this ungodly world by faith in the Word of God and prayer. Our goal in this life is to gain a Christ-like character through trials. No matter how successful we are on earth, the only thing we can take with us is our character. Death in the flesh only changes your geography. The type of person you are here is the type of person you will be over “There,” or will it be . . . over “there”? Have you ever considered that one of the most remarkable differences between humans and animals is our ability as amateur creators to reason and to communicate complex thoughts through language? Any word is a thought expressed; before I can pronounce the word “cat,” I must first think of the animal, cat. We have fellowship and know one another chiefly through expressing our thoughts in word form. Without communication we can experience no meaningful relationship.

Because His thoughts are Eternal and cannot change or fail, God is known as “the Word,” or “Logos,” which is Greek meaning, “thought in speech,” or concept. God expresses His Will and the attributes of His character through visions, dreams or inspired understanding of the Word we read and hear preached from the Bible. We only experience a relationship with God as we understand His Word, and no true believer is any stronger and spiritually healthy and alive than their knowledge of and adherence to the pure Word of God.

A word is a thought expressed and Jesus of Nazareth is the fullness of the Word or Logos of God manifest in flesh—not a second or third person—but “God with us” as prophesied (Isaiah 7:14; I Timothy 3:16). Good people frequently misinterpret John 1:1 and 14, presuming it reads, “In the beginning was Jesus of Nazareth, and Jesus was with God, and Jesus was God. . . and Jesus was made flesh.” In fact it says, “In the beginning was the Word,” because God had finished all of His thinking in eternity before “time” began. A Word is first a completed thought: as His thoughts are Eternal and unchanging, He was “the Word” or “Logos” when He was ready to commence expressing His Attributes in Creation. And the beginning of His manifestation was the Logos Itself, which through the virgin birth manifest as Jesus Christ.

“And the Word was with God and the Word was God.” That is, the Word, Logos or concept was always with God in the form of His eternal thoughts: being eternal His thoughts are what He is. Word is Spirit in a form we can receive by faith, which is understanding. John 6:63, “My Word is Spirit, It is Life.” Word and Spirit are the same thing in a different form. “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

I Timothy 3:16, “without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness for the Word or Logos was manifest in the form of the flesh of Jesus, our kinsman Redeemer, who is the beginning of God creating Himself into material form . . . less than 2,000 years ago when He physically dwelt among His early disciples”.

In Jesus the fullness of God’s nature and character, the perfect balance of His attributes of patience, justice, judgment, love, righteousness and anger, were expressed bodily in one Man who is “the beginning of the creation of God” (Colossians 2:9; Revelation 3:14). Jesus is not the beginning of God’s creation—which would make Him less than God. God’s creation is His handiwork—the sun, moon, stars, rivers and trees. Jesus is the beginning, less than 2,000 years ago, of God changing Himself from the Eternal Spirit alone with His thoughts, through the Word or expression of those thoughts, to the material flesh of His Family. We are God’s hands. So the New Testament saints are the continuation of the same Creation. Jesus is the Word made flesh and the true or Elect Church is the flesh becoming Word. In the new heavens and new earth, the “saved” will worship God throughout Eternity in the form of His Family—Jesus of Nazareth and His Brothers and Sisters, the New Testament saints. When we are glorified, all of us together are the Word, God manifest in flesh. Like our natural parents, His purpose was to reproduce Himself in the glorified flesh of His Family.

Three is the number of perfection and God fulfills His purpose in a threefold manner. The Fullness of His Life was reproduced in Jesus Christ, the Fullness of Christ is being reproduced in His Bride, and together we will return to a restored Eden in the fullness of perfect joy and purity.

Jesus prayed for oneness through faith or agreement in the mind of God, or Word, for eternal fellowship (John 17:20-26; Amos 3:3; I Corinthians 2:16). Once God was alone with His thoughts . . . now He’ll never be lonely any more.

How is God bringing His purpose to pass? Through faith, which is communion with Him by receiving His thoughts or Word. Communion is an exchange of intimate talk and requires agreement between the parties. The Lord’s Supper symbolizes the believer is born again and consequently in communion through the oneness of his invisible Marriage Union with the Word. We must discern whether we are truly Married or just flirting with God, which is why Paul said it is death to observe the Lord’s Supper incorrectly, and it’s death not to take it (I Corinthians 11:27-33). Often our communion with God is all one way: prayer, where man does all the talking. With Faith, man also listens to and understands what God is saying.

Faith is a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God. Let us take a look at what the Bible says about faith. May God bless each of you with grace for understanding and humility to obey what He reveals to you is my prayer.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, for by faith the elders obtained a good report” (Hebrews 11:1-2). In his letter to the Hebrew Christians Paul’s reference to faith as the characteristic of the true people of God leads him to confirm in detail how that in every age, God’s purpose was framed by faith. And recalling the general law of God’s dealings in the victorious lives of notable saints of past dispensations he traces the spiritual history of the world through the righteous line from Abel across the flood to Abraham, Israel and the Maccabees, declaring how these victorious saints could not be made perfect until their Kinsman Redeemer had died for His Bride (ibid 11:39-40).

Contrary to popular understanding, Hebrews 11:1 is not meant as a definition of faith but to affirm the reality of faith and bring out two specific characteristics of faith which bear upon Paul’s argument: (a) its object, and (b) its office.

(a) The object of faith is essentially the future and the unseen which cannot be contacted by physical experience—”things hoped for,” and “objects not seen”—which includes all that belongs to redemption, and the present government of God.

(b) The office of faith is described by coordinating “substance” and “evidence,” or “test”—it is proof, a genuine revelation from God which establishes the reality of the unseen.

It is in virtue of faith that things hoped for are now, so faith is their essence or substance in regard to the experience of the believer. By faith the future and the unseen can be made real for men. Things unseen are not mere arbitrary fancies: faith tries them, tests them, and brings conviction as to their being. The spiritual history of man is taken as proof of the power faith possesses to test and realize the unseen. By realizing the future and apprehending the unseen in the atmosphere of faith the inspired lives of the elders bore witness to their faith.

The certainty of Abel’s faith consisted in a clear understanding of the original sin which caused man to be separated from Eternity, and of the atonement required to enable redemption and renewed fellowship with God. Abel knew life had to be given for Life. Eve’s relationship with the Serpent brought death in the bastard Cain, for whom there was no atonement. By revelation, Abel knew he was a son of God, and offered the substitutionary life of an innocent lamb which spoke of the coming Messiah, who through the virgin birth could not have original sin imparted or imputed. Thus He was a sacrifice, without spot or blemish, and acceptable to God.

Abel’s sacrifice was the evidence of his righteousness, the true connection to God is our faith. God bore witness to Adam by receiving his faith. The divine vindication is further seen in that God rejected Cain’s sacrifice and instructed him to enquire of his prophet half-brother. If he received and obeyed, he too would be accepted. With reluctance, Abel acceded to his persistent demands, sharing the revelation. Cain recognized he was neither Adam’s first-born nor in his genealogy. Realizing the lamb represented a Kinsman only for Adam’s race, that he was without an atonement and irredeemable, Cain sought to gain, Abel’s natural inheritance, the world, by slaying his half-brother, thus forcing God’s hand.

Works are faith expressed. Abel’s sacrifice was vindicated by God testifying of his faith, whereby he still speaks, his works bearing witness of him.

In a corrupt age, Enoch maintained fellowship with God. Through agreement in the “oneness” of faith, he “walked with God.” Faith was the ground of his translation—and faith will be the sole basis upon which the living saints are changed in the atoms at the end of this corrupt age (Amos 3:3; Genesis 5:22,24).

Jesus prayed in Gethsemane that His Church would be one with God by faith—or in agreement by understanding His Word. In the end-time, when Christ’s Mediatorial office was fulfilled after all of the saints predestinated to the Church Age part of the Body were redeemed, Jesus promised to restore the faith once delivered to the apostolic fathers that in answer to His prayer and without a Mediator, a Word-Bride will come into the unity of the faith, like Enoch, for the manifestation of the sons of God and the translation (John 17:20-26; 10:1-5; I Corinthians 1:10; 13:10; Matthew 17:11; Malachi 4:5-6; Ephesians 4:13-16).

We need to recognize there is only One Lord. And there can only ever be one faith, or understanding of His Word, for God is not author of confusion. He guides into all Truth and establishes peace in the heart of His Bride by revealing beforehand, the things He will bring to pass in their generation. He reserved a space of time after the Church Ages just prior to the translation in which His Children would unite, not in a union of man-made organizations but by supernatural faith in the Body of Christ which is not divided (Genesis 49:10; I Thessalonians 4:13-17; II Thessalonians 2:1-12; Revelation 18:1-4).

Enoch types the end-time Church who will not see death. One man separated out of the seventh generation from the first Adam, under such preeminence to the revealed Word he passed beyond this dimension. Christ is separating a Word Bride out of Laodicea, the seventh generation from the last Adam; she will be under such preeminence in the manifestation of the sons of God, what she speaks God will do (John 5:19). Glory!

We shall paraphrase Matthew 16:13-20 and apply it to our faith: “Jesus asked His disciples, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? Some say You’re John the Baptist with his head back on; some [misinterpret Malachi 4] and imagine you to be the Elijah promised before the Tribulation, and others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets returned from the grave.”

But all of this was guesswork and not faith, so Jesus asked His disciples, “Whom do you say that I Am?” “Simon Peter answered and said, You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

“Jesus answered and said, Bless you Simon, son of Jonah: because flesh and blood—books, Bible school, learning, man—has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven has revealed it, and on this rock of revelation of the Word I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against spiritual revelation of the Word [or faith]. Furthermore, Peter, you have the keys [of faith] which will open the kingdom of heaven [or new birth]. . .”

On the day of Pentecost the Church or Kingdom of Heaven was inaugurated and Peter addressed those who had gathered in Jerusalem from throughout the Roman Empire to observe the Passover and Feast of Pentecost, proving by Scripture that God had made that same Jesus whom Israel had crucified both Lord and Messiah. Catching the revelation, they cried in desperation, “Men and brethren, what must we do to be saved?” Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized every one of you, whosoever the Lord has called, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you shall be born again.” That unlocked the Kingdom to the Israelites.

If you and I are called, it will by the same Command. But if you imagine God will unlock the Kingdom by a strange baptism in three Titles, you have not been called to at all.

Peter had the revelation that the compound redemptive Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is Lord Jesus Christ. “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” No Scripture commands baptism for the remission of past sins in three Titles.

But in Matthew’s account Jesus says to “baptize in the Name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost?” True, and the Name of the Father is Lord Jesus Christ (John 5:43), the Name of the Holy Ghost is Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:15-26), and if you are not baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ you have not been baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Isaiah 9:6 said, His Name shall be called “Wonderful Counselor [or Holy Ghost], the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace [or Son],” and the one Name to which these three Titles pertain is Lord Jesus Christ. In Luke’s account Jesus said, “that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His Name among all nations. . .” (Luke 24:49). His Name is not Father, Son, or Holy Ghost.

Nowhere in all the pages of the Bible or in any historical record prior to the organization of the Judaeo-Roman Catholic church at the First Nicea Council in AD325 was anyone ever baptized in three Titles. And according to the record, the few Christian ministers who traveled to Nicea went with the express purpose of persuading the followers of the heretics, Athanasius and Arius, to repent and return to the Word; when they would not listen the Christians departed before the Council sat. It was the Word which bled and died for me on Calvary, not a Roman creed. Remission of sins is through faith in the Word—Who Jesus is and What God says, not the mythologies of church organizations (Acts 2:38-39; 4:12; Romans 3:4; Galatians 1:8-9; Colossians 3:17; I Peter 3:21).

Jesus thanked God “the faith” is hidden from the wise and prudent and revealed to babes as will learn. If God were known by learning the dead letter of His written Word, the wealthy and better educated would have a monopoly on the Kingdom. God would have to remit the sins of theologians and the privileged and convert them on the basis of learning, or works. But “consider your own call, Brethren; not many of you were wise, humanly speaking, not many were powerful, and not many were of noble birth” (Matthew 11:25-29; 13:10-17; I Corinthians 1:26-29).

If faith is a clear understanding of the revealed Word, what is sin? To begin, sin is not smoking, drinking, adultery, murder, lying or theft any more than faith is love, joy, goodness, kindness, etc., These are the attributes and product of a life of sin or faith. People lie, cheat and steal because they are sinners. Sin is one thing and one thing only. Sin is unbelief in the revealed Word of God.

It is possible to follow the “letter” of the Bible and be as lost in sin or unbelief in the revealed Word today as it was in Israel two thousand years ago. God’s Word is a stumbling stone, condemning those who are religious but not spiritual, as it condemns outright rejecters. Caiaphas and the ministers of Jesus’ day crucified the very God they ignorantly worshipped because they claimed He was breaking His Own Word (John 7:23; Romans 8:7; 9:32). Imagine a minister lost in sin! The carnal-minded are enmity with God and the same spirits are behind the pulpit today crucifying unto themselves the Son of God afresh, rejecting Him because He disagrees with their man-made theology. Were they to repent the organization would kick them out; they would lose popularity with their sin-loving congregation and their pensions (II Corinthians 11:13-15).

That is true, and you know it is. The Bible and church history declare it, and you can prove it by applying the Word test—first to yourself! It cuts like a sharp twoedged Sword.

In Hebrews 3:12 – 4:11, Moses and Paul define sin as unbelief in the revealed Word. The wages of sin is eternal separation from the Presence of God. For almost three million Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt, but because of unbelief, only two adults entered the Promised land. All were justified by faith and baptized in the Red Sea, sanctified in the Wilderness, partook of the miracles and tasted the fruit of the Land, yet they were not sealed by the Spirit and Jesus said, “every one of them was lost” (I Corinthians 10; John 6:45)!

Paul said, “Today if you will hear His Voice and recognize your error, harden not your hearts, as in the Wilderness.” If you recognize you have been worshiping error and are baptized with a false baptism, don’t harden your heart. Don’t think He will receive you on your terms or imagine yourself born-again by church ritual when you have refused to be rebaptized in His Name. “He who believes not is condemned already because he has not believed in the Name of the only begotten Son of God” (John 3:18; James 4:17). Those who refuse correction by the Word are bastards, like Cain. No matter how loudly they protest their Christianity, their actions prove their Father is not God (John 8:41; 10:1-5; Hebrews 12:5-8).

If you study carefully and prayerfully you will see what Jesus meant when He instructed us to walk in the Light as He is in the Light. Moses, Paul, Luther, Wesley, Spurgeon, Knox—all great servants of the Lord did just that. He’s the I Am, not the I Was or the I Will Be. What was Light and Life for the saints of one age is carnal impersonation, even death in subsequent ages. Jesus expressly stated the Life in the Word is purposely hidden from those without the personal relationship of faith. As God sent natural Israel fresh Manna every day, so has He fed His Church, and no scraps of the Spiritual Food of for one Church Age is to be carried over to the next Age.

The Word of God is nothing to play with or treat lightly. These things are preached in love and by the Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who can receive them. We’ve touched many important revelations I trust God will unfold them to you personally through subsequent services and in your study and prayer. Today we’ve sought chiefly to define faith and sin according to God’s unchanging Word, and we have separated the true Oneness of the Godhead from the false Trinitarian, Unitarian, and “Jesus only” doctrines.

We will do well to remember God’s Word comes only through His vindicated prophets and no prophet of God ever taught these errors. So much of our religious teaching can be traced to the First Nicea Council and the Dark Ages it presaged, and is contrary to God’s Bible which cannot contradict Itself and is of no private interpretation. Faith is Absolute, it can never change and runs in continuity from Genesis to Revelation. May God richly Bless you all as you obey His Word. Please confirm these things with your Bible, not with your husband, your wife, your minister or the lady next door. Once you have the revelation be sure to transmit, fax, or pass a printout to someone else (Acts 17:11; I Thessalonians 5:21). I admonish all who have caught the revelation Who the Lord Jesus is, to repent and be rebaptized by immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, expecting the Promise of the Holy Spirit or New Birth. bb920108.htm


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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries. He pastors Bible Believers’ tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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Covenant Relationship – Part IV

October 2, 2009

Bible Believers’ Newsletter #601
“We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . .”
ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As far as I know no country is presently on the gold standard. The Gold Standard is a trap since the total amount of gold that has ever been mined is an estimated 142,000 metric tons. Assuming a gold price of US$1,000 per ounce, or $32,500 per kilogram—the value of all the gold ever mined would be around $4.5 trillion, far less than the value of circulating money in the US alone. A return to the gold standard, if combined with a mandated end to fractional reserve banking, would result in a significant increase in the current value of gold, which may limit its use in current applications.

There is so little gold and most of it is in the hands of Rothschild-Vatican interests: Rothschilds do not loan physical gold. Perhaps the best monetary system is “Social Credit” which was trialed in Alberta, Canada. The value of a nation’s currency should be supported by the assets and productivity of the nation with money introduced as credit, as Alaska distributes national wealth from oil revenues, rather than debt, usury and fiat money.

Government leaders owned by the MoneyPower are borrowing their nations into penury, creating new debt to pay old debt. Big business, blinded by the love of money no longer upholds the national interest, and since governments have embraced interdependence, “globalization” and “Free Trade” (which is not free at all), productive economies have been expatriated for short term gain and (once) developed nations can no longer trade out from the Sloth of Despond. Having sold their gold reserves at the bottom and with no productive economy, they have insufficient substance to stabilize their currencies.

The MoneyPower has the Goyim trapped in Talmudic law—UCC and BAR. Third World nations that exchanged resources for debt have been reduced to hewers of wood and carriers of water. While the First World having sold the national estate—water, air and sea ports, electricity, roads, railways, telecoms and other hard assets for beads and mirrors of credit money created out of thin air, and seduced by the “Climate Change” hoax—will soon be charging for the air we breathe via the black magic of a Carbon Credits ponzi scheme.

On the mat and out to the count, all nations are putty in the hands of the MoneyPower. The soon-coming earthquake will sink the US dollar with Los Angeles, and on its knees this godforsaken world will implore a Rothschild-Vatican partnership to install one world government and refinance the US dollar with gold backing. By the guns of America and their gold they will rule every nation because all currencies will be valued against a new gold-backed US dollar. Once the dominant US and subservient economies have been restored to prosperity, Rome will break her covenant with the banksters. In response the Judaeo-Khazar Black Nobility will side with Judaeo-Communist Russia and bomb Vatican City State and the USA from the face of the earth: then Armageddon will set in.

Our main article encourages readers to ensure they are in Covenant Relationship with the Lord God. Once the earthquake has sunk Los Angeles one Nisan 14, the whole world with the exception of 144,000 elect Israelites, will “find no place of repentance, though they seek it carefully with tears” (Hebrews 12:17).

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott


Quake Toll 1,100, set to worsen: UN
October 2, 2009 – The second earthquake which struck near the Indonesian island of Sumatra is causing panic as rescue workers struggle in heavy rain to find survivors. Wednesday afternoon’s 7.6-magnitude quake toppled buildings and led to fires in Padang, home to nearly 1 million people on the coast of Sumatra, leaving the city largely without power and communications.. . . Full story:

Comment: Scientists say earthquakes in Sumatra will weaken the San Andreas fault. Full story:


‘Shallow Quake’ behind Samoa’s Tsunami
September 30, 2009 – Scientists say the tsunami that devastated the islands of Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga was the result of a shallow rupture in the earth’s crust. . . “The earthquake had a magnitude of about 8, which corresponds to a rupture within the earth that may be 200 to 300 kilometres long, with a depth of 100 to 200 kilometres, with one side of the fault moving four to seven metres relative to the other,” Dr. Gary Gibson, a senior seismologist at Environmental Systems and Services in Melbourne said. . . the energy released in the earthquake was approximately one-thirtieth the size of the Boxing Day 2004 earthquake near the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. “This meant that a devastating tsunami could be produced locally, but it was unlikely to seriously affect countries on the boundary of the Pacific” . . .
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Comment: USGS said a 5.1-magnitude quake hit 165km NNE of Hihofo, Tonga, and another 4.9-magnitude jolt was recorded 155km SSW of the Samoan capital, Apia, today, October 2.


Super Typhoon to tear Filipino Homes apart
October 2, 2009 – The “super typhoon” approaching the Philippines is strong enough to tear apart homes and people should seek refuge in strong structures, Mr. Nathan Cruz of the government weather station warned today. . . as millions of Filipinos were struggling to recover from tropical storm Ketsana, which killed at least 293 people as it pounded the Manila and surrounding areas on Saturday with the worst flooding in four decades, affecting more than 3 million people.

Typhoon Parma, packing maximum winds of 195 kilometres per hour and gusts of 230 kilometres per hour, is approaching the northern Philippine province of Aurora and its effects may be felt by dawn on Saturday. Full story:


FBI and CIA False Flag Ops
Former FBI Agent in Charge of Operations in Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis, Ted Gunderson, is interviewed and fingers the FBI, CIA, US Presidents and their Administrations as having planned and executed black ops around the world which were subsequently blamed on Muslim terrorist organizations [like the mythical al Qaeda]. But take care because the objective of this interview may be to implicate deceased CIA agent, Osama bin Laden and nineteen innocent Muslim patsies not involved in the 9/11 attacks, some of whom have never traveled overseas. Full story:


Drones and Dishonor in Central New York
September 30, 2009 – The drones are coming. . . Drone surveillance covers the US/Mexico and US/Canada borders. In Gaza, the Israeli Air Force uses them to assassinate Palestinians. In its overseas wars, the US military has come to depend on drones to assassinate humans while bombing vehicles and buildings. Drones preying on Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan are piloted from Creech Air Base in Nevada. Beginning this November, Reapers will also be piloted from Central New York. . .

Besides being indiscriminate, aerial warfare is cowardly. Think about the various devices of aerial maiming and massacre (napalm, white phosphorus, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, cruise missiles). For decades, aerial warfare has been the weapon of rich, powerful, high-tech nations bullying poor, weak, low-tech nations. Apart from a steely will to resist, these latter nations have few defenses. So corrupted now is any notion of military honor that our war-besotted culture no longer even thinks about a “level playing field.” Seldom are warplanes used to defend a nation from attack or from threats to its sovereignty. Generally warplanes—robotic or not—are the aggressor, the violator of others’ sovereignty.

Drones raise cowardice to new heights. Unlike World War II bombardiers or pilots of other pre-robotic aircraft, drone pilots take no risk. Anti-aircraft artillery will never reach them. They shoot goldfish in a goldfish bowl. The various branches of the service use aerial weapons imagery—invariably phallic—to recruit gutsy, often idealistic, kids. In time, many of them learn the hard way enlisting has little to do with defending their country, defending “freedom” or spreading “democracy.”

Many fail to come home intact. Few find glory, few find honor. Some then realize that only corporations—the institutional mirror image of drones—profit from war. Full story:


Privatization of Local Police and Sheriffs Underway?
September 28, 2009 – Yesterday, a convoy of twelve ‘blacked out’ Mercedes Benz SUV’s were brought into town. They were already painted with Hardin’s colors and ‘Hardin Police Force’ was already painted on them! Hardin’s sheriff’s department will no longer be in operation after the month of October. During October, the Sheriff’s Department is to train this new security force in all the logistics of running the town of Hardin. If you go on the American Police Force site, you might notice that the logo they use is actually a Russian logo. . . Earlier this month, in an interview in regards to this Hardin prison and the training center that they are planning to build, we were told that seventy five percent of the security officers that were to be trained would be ‘international’.

This private security force is already patrolling the town. They had several people stopped yesterday. Also, it appears that they are building some type of heavy duty gate at the entrances of our town. . .
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Comment: Our Brother, retired Sheriff Jim Schwiesow wrote: Apparently true to a point, this town built a private prison some time ago thinking that they would make a fortune by incarcerating federal inmates. They were unable to secure a contract and the facility sits empty. They have in desperation offered to keep the gitmo terrorist prisoners, it appears that this private security agency Wackenhut of Iraq fame—or notoriety—has secured a contract to operate the facility. Don’t know if their responsibility extends beyond the prison, but doubt it. I have found nothing to indicate that the office of sheriff will be eliminated. See:


Robocops come to Pittsburgh
September 28. 2009 – This technology has been deployed in Iraq as an “anti-insurgent weapon”—it could easily be used as a torture tool.

Pittsburgh police demonstrated the latest in crowd control techniques on protesters when they used “sound cannons” to blast the ears of citizens near the G-20 meeting of world economic leaders. . . Sonic weaponry is now being deployed domestically to put a chill on free speech. We’re told this is the “humane” way to deal with protesters, but it’s really just a convenient way to suppress citizens without the messy aftereffects of having to explain bullet holes to reporters. A bunch of protesters complaining about ruptured ear drums doesn’t make for dramatic news. . . Full story:


More Lies, More Deception
September 25. 2009 – The G-20 ministers declared their meeting in Pittsburgh a success, but as Rob Kall reports in, the meeting’s main success was to turn Pittsburgh into “a ghost-town, emptied of workers and the usual pedestrians, but filled to overflowing with over 12,000 swat cops from all over the US.”

This is “freedom and democracy” at work. The leaders of the G-20 countries, which account for 85% of the world’s income, cannot meet in an American city without 12,000 cops outfitted like the emperor’s storm troopers in Star Wars. And the US government complains about Iran.

The US government’s complaints about Iran have reached a new level of shrillness. On September 25 Obama declared: “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow.” The heads of America’s British, French, and German puppet states added their two cents worth, giving the government of Iran three months to meet the “international community’s demands” to give up its rights as a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty to nuclear energy. In case you don’t know, the term “international community” is shorthand for the US, Israel, and Europe, a handful of arrogant and rich countries that oppress the rest of the world.

Who is breaking the rules? Iran or the United States?

Iran is insisting that the US government abide by the non-proliferation treaty that the US originated and pushed and that Iran signed. But the US government, which is currently engaged in three wars of aggression and has occupying troops in a number of other countries, insists that Iran, which is invading and occupying no country, cannot be trusted with nuclear energy capability, because the capability might in the future lead to nuclear weapon capability, like Israel’s, India’s, and Pakistan’s—all non-signatories to the nuclear proliferation treaty, countries that, unlike Iran, have never submitted to IAEA inspections. Indeed, at this very moment the Israeli government is screaming and yelling “anti-semite” to the suggestion that Israel submit to IAEA inspections. Iran has submitted to the IAEA inspections for years.

In keeping with its obligations under the treaty, on September 21 Iran disclosed to the International Atomic Energy Agency that it is constructing another nuclear facility. The British prime minister Gordon Brown confused Iran’s disclosure with “serial deception,” and declared, “We will not let this matter rest.”

What matter? Why does Gordon Brown think that Iran’s disclosure to the IAEA is a deception. Does the moronic UK prime minister mean that Iran is claiming to be constructing a plant but is not, and thus by claiming one is deceiving the world?

Not to be outdone in idiocy, out of Obama’s mouth jumped Orwellian doublespeak: “The Iranian government must now demonstrate through deeds its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to international standards and international law.”

The incongruity blows the mind. Here is Obama, with troops engaged in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan demanding that a peaceful nation at war with no one demonstrate “its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to international standards and international law”. . . Full story:


Nuclear Nightmare in the Middle East
September 29, 2009 – Your editorial (Time to come clean, 26 September) states “Iran’s cat-and-mouse game with nuclear inspectors hands a propaganda victory on a plate to Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli premier who has made little secret of his air force’s preparations for a long-range strike”.

This “propaganda victory” is easily demolished by relevant facts which you fail to mention. Fact: Israel has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Fact: Israel has had nuclear weapons for at least 30 years. Fact: Israel has done and still does its best to conceal the existence of these weapons. Fact: as recently as 18 September Israel refused a request from the IAEA to open its nuclear plants to inspection. Fact: an unprovoked Israeli attack on Iran would be a violation of the UN charter and a war crime.

And please don’t claim that Iran’s as-yet ambiguous nuclear activities are a provocation. What Israel most fears from Iran is not a nuclear threat to its territory, but a nuclear threat to its own nuclear domination.

That western powers dangerously demonise Iran is one tragedy. That newspapers uncritically imitate them is a worse one. . . Full story:


US Nukes Agency pushes New Bomb Production Nightmare in the Middle East
September 30, 2009 – Despite statements by US President Barack Obama that he wants to see the world reduce, and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons, the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration continues to push forward on a programme called Complex Modernisation, which would expand two existing nuclear plants to allow them to produce new plutonium pits and new bomb parts out of enriched uranium for use in a possible new generation of nuclear bombs. . .

“The main purpose of the Complex Modernisation programme is to maintain nuclear production capacity for the US” . . . Full story: Comment: Do we have a hypocrit in the White House?


Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder
Finally, the no-holds-barred, 100% true story of Barack Obama’s use and sale of cocaine; his homosexual affairs and the December 23, 2007 murder of Barack Obama’s former lover and choir director of Obama’s Chicago church of 20 years, Donald Young, just days before the 2008 Iowa Caucus. This searing candid story begins with Barack Obama meeting Larry Sinclair in November, 1999, and subsequently procuring and selling cocaine, and then engaging in consensual, homosexual sex with Sinclair on November 6th and again on November 7, 1999. You’ll read in riveting detail how Sinclair, in 2007, repeatedly contacted and requested that the Obama campaign simply come clean about their candidate’s 1999 drug use and sales. You learn how the Obama campaign, David Axelrod and Barack Obama used Donald Young (the homosexual lover of Barack Obama) to contact and seek out information from Sinclair about who he had told of Obama’s crimes and actions. You’ll read how the Obama campaign used internet porn king Dan Parisi and Ph.D. fraud Edward I. Gelb . . .
Full story: Comment: Luke 17:28-30.


Covenant Relationship – Part IV

The Hebrew word for covenant means “to divide” or “cut a victim in two,” the covenanting parties then pass between the two parts of the carcass and swear, might their body be as the dead beast should they break their oath.

Thus when the Lord God covenanted with Abram in Genesis 15 He instructed him to take a heifer, a she goat and a ram, each three years old, a turtle dove and a pigeon. He divided the animals and laid the two halves on the ground signifying that the Old Covenant was a shadow of the New and that they would agree with one another from Genesis to Revelation, and from dispensation to dispensation. He did not divide the birds which were for an atonement: one bird was decapitated and its blood sprinkled upon the living bird which was then set free as Christ was crucified and His Blood sprinkled upon His Bride as a type of the baptism with the Holy Spirit setting us free from sin and uncleanliness (Matthew 3:16).

Abram first divided the heifer and she goat representing she, the church, then the ram representing He, the Royal Seed of God’s Word was slain to call out of the Gentiles a people—not for the name of her denomination but for His Name, and to restore an election back to the original faith, the Word of God (Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:11). In John 14:12 Jesus said, “The works that I do, [not the works that the church does] will you do also.”

“And when birds of prey (evil spirits, denominational fallen angels) swooped down upon the carcases, Abram drove them away. And when the sun had gone down, a deep sleep overcame him (signifying death and showing that God’s Covenant, like Calvary, was unconditional by grace through faith without any input by the sinner, and that God would keep His Covenant ensuring Abraham “a prefect walk before Him”); and a horror of great darkness took hold of him (signifying the total separation of unrepentant sinners from God). And God said to Abram, Know with certainty that your descendants will be aliens in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve their oppressors four hundred years. (Israel is God’s timepiece). And I will punish that nation and afterwards they shall come out with great substance. (And they did). As for you, you will join your fathers in peace; you will be buried in ripe old age. (God’s unconditional promise). “But in the fourth generation they shall come back here: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.”

“When the sun had set and dense darkness had come, there appeared a smoking furnace, (signifying the Lake of fire, the destiny of every unrepentant sinner) and a burning lamp (the Shekinah of God’s Presence) passed between those pieces” confirming His Covenant.

In Jeremiah 34:17-20 the prophet foretells the destruction of Jerusalem and God invokes the curse of Abraham’s Covenant upon the Covenant-breaking Judeans who neglected to grant release in the year of Jubilee. “THUS SAITH THE LORD, you have not obeyed Me in proclaiming liberty, every one to his brother, and every man to his neighbour. So I proclaim to you a liberty to the sword, to pestilence, and to famine; and I will make you a consternation to all the kingdoms of the earth. I will give the men who have transgressed My Covenant who have not kept the Words of the Covenant which they made before Me, when they cut the calf in two, and passed between its parts—the princes of Judah, the princes of Jerusalem, the eunuchs, the priests, and all the people of the land, who passed between the parts of the calf—I will even give them into the hand of their enemies and into the hand of those who seek their lives. Their dead bodies shall be meat for the birds of the air, and the beasts of the earth”.

This curse fell upon the Israelites of Judah, and it falls on their impersonators who although hypocrites with no hope of Covenant blessings, are bound to the oath. God has not forgotten the curse of His Covenant with Abraham and His Seed, Jesus Christ, and the curse which is repeated in Revelation 19:17-18 (Ezekiel 39:17) will fall upon the impersonators of His Christian offspring although they are hypocrites with no prospect of Covenant blessings.

Strictly speaking a covenant is an agreement between two parties, but since man cannot negotiate a mutual deal with his sovereign God, the Covenant on God’s part is one of gratuitous promise, an act of pure grace requiring man’s acceptance of and obedience to its conditions as the consequence of the grace he has experienced and the end which God designs to His glory, not that this is a meritorious condition attached to the Covenant for the promise is of unconditional grace.

This helps us to understand Galatians 3:19-21, “The Law was ordained by angels in the hand of a mediator [Moses]. Now a mediator is not an intermediary of one party, but God is one party.” This shows us that Jesus Christ the righteous, the Mediator under the New Covenant, is the One Person of God who made the Promise to Abraham and manifest in virgin-born flesh fulfilled the part of our kinsman Redeemer, then became Mediator through the Church Ages when the Book was sealed so that those with only PART-Word might receive eternal Life by grace through faith and “walk perfectly before Him . . . in love” (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23). “Is the Law then contrary to the promises of God? God forbid: for if the Law had been a power to give eternal Life, righteousness would indeed be by the Law.” But righteousness and redemption is by grace through faith alone without legal conditions, and our Mediator being at the same time the Covenanting Party who made the promise brings men into communion by our invisible union in the common faith whereas the Law interposed a mediator and conditions between man and God, bringing condemnation and death, or as Brother Branham would say, “the Law condemns and puts you in prison but it cannot get you out”.

Fortunately the Law was given only to Israel but the promise was confirmed four hundred years beforehand when God said He would manifest in Abraham’s Royal Seed who is Jesus: “God in Christ” (Galatians 3:17; II Corinthians 5:19; Isaiah 9:6). As the last Adam Jesus represented the first Adam and all of His race (I Corinthians 15:22, 45-47; Galatians 3:28-29), bearing in Himself “all the fullness of the Godhead bodily” (Colossians 2:9-10), and when His redemptive work has reached its conclusion with all things reconciled to God and all anti-Christ, anti-Word and anti-Life opposition destroyed, the first God-man who presently exercises “all power in heaven and on earth” as a material manifestation of God (I Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 2:14; I John 1:1-5) will transfer the heavens as a realm made entirely subject with no opposing force, where the eternal Spirit can rule with majesty serene and undisturbed, while placing Himself along with His Kingdom on earth under subjection. Then the true oneness of God shall be fully manifest as “all in all” and the “saved” will worship God throughout eternity in the manifestation of His glorified Family—Jesus Christ and His Wife (I Corinthians 15:24; Zechariah 14:9).

For the benefit of any reader who may desire to observe sabbath days and other elements of the Mosaic Law, the curse of the legal Covenant of Sinai was introduced as a “schoolmaster [on account of Israel’s unbelief] to bring the nation to Jesus Messiah that it might be justified by faith and reborn in one day” (Galatians 3:10, 24; Isaiah 66:8). Thus the Law is a parenthesis between the promise to Abraham and its fulfillment in His promised Seed, Christ (Galatians 3:17). “The Law was added because of transgressions until the promised Seed [singular] should come concerning whom the promise was made” (Galatians 3:19). It was given in order to show sins in their true light and bring to man’s consciousness his great need of grace, having fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:20; 4:15; 5:13, 20; 7:7-9). Hence the language of the Law was specific and “the man who practices the righteousness which is based on the Law shall live by it” (Romans 10:5). But whereas God was stipulating specific requirements as one might teach children the first principles of the Word of God, repeating “precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line,” men with impure hearts and carnal minds read between the lines to find exclusions and devise loopholes in the Law which they compiled as its antithesis, the Talmud. However God had made another Covenant with David that defined his lineage as that through which the promised Seed of Abraham should come (II Samuel 7:12-17; Psalm 89:2; Isaiah 11:10). Now as God’s Covenant with Abraham found its fulfillment in Christ, so also did the Covenant of the Law, for Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law for us that He might be “the Lord our righteousness . . . the end of the Law for righteousness to every one who believes” (Jeremiah 23:6; Romans 10:4; I Corinthians 1:30; Matthew 3:15; 5:17; Isaiah 42:21; 45:24-25).

The blessings of Abraham’s grace Covenant to Abraham and His Seed singular were promised to Abraham in recognition of his faith (Genesis 17:7; Romans 4). The lineage to the promised Seed ran exclusively through Abraham’s natural seed, but the blessings were apprehended by every man and woman of faith in Adam’s race. Romans 9:6-8: Thus it is “not as though the Word of God had failed. For not all who are descended from Israel, belong to Israel: neither are they all the seed of Abraham, because they are his descendants: but, In Isaac shall your seed be named after you. This means that it is not his physical descendants who are the children of God: but the children of the promise are reckoned as his seed.” And the promise is by faith unto election (Galatians 3:26-29).

Now there are two Covenants, the Old and the New, and God cannot recognize Abraham’s natural seed who have been blind to the faith for over two millennia and deal with them in redemption until the fullness of the Gentile dispensation comes to pass (Romans 11:25). But when that time comes the Lord will deal only with the descendents of the pure blood of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. All other lineages will be excluded on that day as the Word of the two Hebrew witnesses of Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11 calls an election of 12,000 blood Israelites from each of the twelve tribes who return to the Promised Land in the first half of Daniel’s Seventieth Week (Revelation 7:4-8; Jeremiah 3:18; 23:5-8, etc).

Isaiah chapters 60 to 62 speak of the return of the twelve tribes to the land of Israel for their redemption in this time and declare the glory to be bestowed upon the nation when the Kingdom is restored, and how, in the renewed heavens and earth that follow the millennium the nations of the redeemed will bring their glory into new Jerusalem where the 144,000 Israelites will reside. “Arise, My people! Let your Light shine for all the nations to see! For the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Darkness as black as night shall cover the Gentiles, but the glory of the Lord will shine from you. All nations will come to your Light; mighty kings will come to see the glory of the Lord upon you.

Lift up your eyes and see! For your sons and daughters are coming home to you from afar. . . I have reserved the ships of many lands, the very best, to bring the sons of Israel home again from far away . . . for the Holy One of Israel, known around the world, has glorified you”.

But the year of blessing and salvation to Israel is the day of God’s vengeance upon the heathen and the enemies of Israel, predominantly the Serpent’s seed offspring of his blood brother Esau. As Isaac prophesied over Esau in Genesis 27:40-41, “You will live by your sword and serve your brother; and it will come to pass when you have the dominion, that you shall break Jacob’s yoke from off your neck. And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing with which his father blessed him: and Esau said in his heart, The days of mourning for my father are at hand; then will I slay my brother Jacob.” If you have been following the news over the past four thousand years you will know that in the present day Esau is daily murdering his brother Israel by the proxy armies of the colonies of the empire of the ‘City of London’.

Jacob and Esau were brothers as the Bride of Christ and the great whore were sisters, and as Esau had no respect to the birthright but marred his inheritance by marrying two Serpent’s seed women, the false church has despised her birthright by marrying Rome’s Babylonian religion at the First Nicene Council, bearing a hybrid religion whose denominational offspring cannot breed back to the Word of the last Adam any more than Esau’s physical offspring can breed back to the first Adam. And as Esau’s perpetual retribution against Israel became a permanent resistance against God manifest in idolatry, the spirit of revenge in the false church for the grace received by God’s elect will yet see her led by Satan incarnate, killing all who refuse to do her obeisance. And like Esau, the impenitent false church is reprobate concerning the faith.

From the approach to the Promised Land to the days the kings, Edom opposed Israel (Numbers 20:14-21; I Samuel 14:47; II Kings 16:6; here “Syria” should be “Edom”). When Israel and Judah declined, Edom “broke Israel’s yoke from off his neck” as foretold by Isaac, reconquered its lost cities and invaded southern Judah (II Kings 8:20-22; II Chronicles 28:17). Edom also joined the Chaldeans when Nebuchadnezzar defeated Jerusalem and called for the Temple to be razed (Psalm 137:7), hence the denunciations against Edom in Obadiah, Jeremiah 49:7-22, Ezekiel 25:12-14, and 35 – 36. During the Babylonian Captivity, the Nabateans drove the Edomites out of their country, who upon that seized the land of Simeon and Southern Judea as far north as Hebron so that “Idumea” came to mean the region between the Arabah and the Mediterranean. Then following the Captivity, the returning Benjamites found their inheritance also occupied by Edomites and relocated to new land in “Galilee of the Gentiles”.

In 130BC, John Hyrcanus, Judah’s high priest defeated and forcibly assimilated the Edomites who “were hereafter no other than Jews” (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XIII, 9:1). An editor’s footnote on this page quotes the ancient historian, Ammonius, “The Idumeans were . . . subdued by the Jews [i.e. Judahites] and compelled to be circumcised, and to unite into one nation, and be subject to the same laws, they were called Jews.” In 37BC the Roman Senate decreed Antipater, an Idumean, procurator over all Judea. His son was king Herod the Great who attempted to assassinate the infant Jesus to recover the blessing Esau had forfeited and prevent the reign of the House of David, so you will appreciate why “Jesus lived in Galilee: for He would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.” Just before the siege under Titus 20,000 Idumeans were admitted into Jerusalem and filled it with bloodshed and rapine, and with the Jewish-Roman Wars (AD66-73) the nation of Edom ceased to exist as a settled state.

Because Edom was included in the Judean community, the Idumeans formed a part of the “Jewish” nation and the kings were of Edomite descent, just as the land of Palestine is called Idumea in Ezekiel 35 and 36. But Jesus knew who He was as did Paul who distinguished himself from Jewry, as “Of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the Law, a Pharisee” (Philippians 3:5). Neither of these men were “Jews,” indeed to call Jesus a Jew is tantamount to calling Him Serpent’s seed and accursed of God (Matthew 23:33-35). Yes, I know what Brother Branham said, but he spoke in the vernacular and the common people heard him gladly, however he was not using that word as doctrine but leaving it to the elect to discern, otherwise his own life and the Message may have been cut short.

So when Ezekiel 35 and 36 declare that Esau/Edom, the most hateful and bitterest of all the heathen shall be utterly destroyed (Heb. ‘cherem’) and that those who were then rejoicing over Israel’s calamities must themselves become a spoil without any prospect of recovery, it is using the words Edom and Seir figuratively of the non-Semitic anti-Semitic self-styled Jews who have occupied Judea since the Captivity.

Isaiah 63 describes Christ as the righteous Judge (Numbers 24:17-19; John 5:27) riding out of Edom, that is out of Judea in “the time of Jacob’s trouble,” for Palestine was called Idumea in His day, as “spiritually it is called Sodom and Egypt” today, and remains Idumea, as Daniel and Jesus prophesied it will be ruled by Gentiles unto the consummation (Daniel 9:27; Luke 21:24).

In Daniel 9:26-27 God foretells another covenant to be agreed in the near future between two groups of Gentiles in which: “The people of the prince [pope] that shall come [out of Rome] will make a covenant with the self-styled Jews [of the ‘City of London’] for one week (the last of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks): and in the middle of the week he will cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease, [which the self-styled Jews will have restored following the demolition of the Dome of the Rock], and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate [by forcing his Judaeo-Catholic mark of the beast, Trinitarianism], until the consummation, when the decreed end is poured upon the desolator”.

In 1963 when the US dollar was still convertible into gold Brother Branham said, “After the church is taken away, Rome and the Jews will make a covenant with one another. The Bible said they would, with the holy people. And now notice, they’ll make it, because why? This nation is going to be busted, and the rest of the world that’s on the gold standard is busted. You know that. If we’re living off of taxes, [treasury] bills due for forty years from now, where are we at? There’s only one thing can happen. That’s to call in the currency and pay off the bonds; and we can’t do it. Wall Street owns them, and Wall Street’s controlled by the Jews; the rest of it’s in the Vatican, and the Jews has got the rest of it in Wall Street with the commerce of the world” (The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p. 168:5).

“Just looking at it in the natural standpoint, which may be a million miles off, I do believe that right there in that money. . . “The love of money is the root of all evil.” And I believe that right along in there will start the ball a-rolling.

Now, the Catholic church back there from charging for mass and so forth, holds the wealth of the world. You remember, the Bible said she was rich, and how she was. And remember, not only just on one nation, she’s rich on every nation there is under heaven. She reaches out. She has the money. Now, what they don’t have, Wall Street has which is controlled by the Jews.

Now, and you remember he got the money. When Jacob returned, last night we find out, and become Israel, he really had the money, but his money wouldn’t buy him nothing (See?) to Esau. Esau had it too, [the Babylonian Talmud called Rome “Esau,” but Brother Branham said], see both anti[-Christ impostors] . . . See, just as perfectly.

Now, watch here. I said they might want to consolidate together on the money, and the Roman power take the Jewish power of money, breaking the covenant” (ibid, p. 505:2-5).

Isaiah 63:1-6, asks the rhetorical question, “Who is this who comes from Edom in crimson-stained garments from Bozrah? He that is glorious in His apparel, marching in the greatness of His might?

It is I announcing your vindication and salvation, mighty to save.

Why is your apparel red and your clothing stained like one who treads in the wine press?

I have trodden the winepress alone; and from the nations there was none with Me. In My wrath I will tread them like grapes and their lifeblood shall be sprinkled on My clothing, and I will stain all My raiment. For the day of vengeance is in My heart, and the year of My redeemed has come. I looked, but there was no one to help; and I was appalled that there was none to uphold: so My own arm brought Me victory, My own indignation upheld Me, and I executed vengeance unaided. And I will tread down the nations in My anger, I will make them drunk in My fury, and pour out their lifeblood on the ground”.

Jesus Messiah is portrayed as coming from executing judgment on Edom—the non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled Jews—”a radically corrupt people, that is to have no share in the Messianic salvation” (Hengstenberg, History of the Kingdom of God; Clark translation) who hate Israelites with venom (Genesis 27:41; Ezekiel 35:11). The subject here is the dissolution, by the ‘parousia’ Coming of Christ as prophesied by Moses (Numbers 24:19-19), of the “Jewish” nation, represented here by Bozrah, Edom and Seir. This judgment upon the Edomite “Jews” is God’s righteous vindication of true Israelites following their revelation of His ‘parousia’ as Son of man, for it is not until He has raised up the tabernacle of David by the rebirth of Israel in one day that He takes possession of Edom, executing their destruction (Amos 9:11-12; Psalm 110:5-6; Revelation 14:1-5), followed by “the day of vengeance of our God” on all unbelieving Gentiles as described in verses 3-6 which is inseparably connected with Israel’s jubilee, “the acceptable day of the Lord” whose belated recognition they will mourn, having rejected the Atonement for 2,000 years (Joel 3:13; Isaiah 61:2; Zechariah 12:10 – 13:9; Revelation 14:14-20; 19:13-15, 18, 21). As there can be no true grace without justice, the 144,000 elect Israelites must pass through the fire of affliction and become purified (Malachi 3:2-6); for the same reason heathendom, whose iniquity is full, must show that it has fallen under Divine justice, for grace is not the toleration of evil.

The fact that the Lord treads the winepress alone is indicative of universal apostasy (Revelation 13:4-8; 17:8), even the false church assists Him not. This is anomalous with past experiences; when the Lord executed judgement through the nations. As He used Medo-Persia to punish Babylon, Assyria to judge Israel, and Babylon and Rome to punish Judah He will employ Judaeo-Communist Russia to destroy Judaeo-Catholic Vatican City State and her Protestant image, the United States of America. No nation is prepared to assist in the judgment on Edom, that is, the modern state of Israel, because Edom’s judgment is the judgment due upon every nation, and every nation supports her iniquity. Therefore He will smite them all with the Sword of the Word that proceeds from his mouth (Revelation 19:15, 21).

Isaiah 63:1-6 is Revelation 19. “It is the day of the Lord’s vengeance, and the year of recompenses [under the Sixth Seal and Seventh Trumpet] for the controversy of Zion” (Isaiah 34:8). Isaiah 34:4-5 describes the casting down to earth of Satan and his host which, as explained in Newsletter #600, is his expulsion from the mind and soul of God’s elect by their revelation of the fullness of Christ’s ‘parousia Coming in power to restore the Kingdom to Israel. Satan’s exposure by Israel’s revelation of the Trumpet mysteries confines him to “Idumea,” that is, to Jewry (Revelation 12:8-9).

Isaiah 34 prophesies judgment on all nations beginning with Idumea, the ‘multicultural’ state of non-Semitic modern Israel. The Lord summons all nations to hear his address, because all nations are complicit in “the controversy of Zion.” Being man-pleasers without a revelation, their politicians are “grumblers, malcontents following their own passions, whose loud mouths give vent to arrogant remarks, while they flatter to one’s face to gain advantage” (Jude 16). They blindly identify with the Edomite Jews who have sought to usurp the Divine election and coveted the Promised Land, which is Jehovah’s possession, reckoning the injury to their ancestor Esau while disregarding the Covenant revelation and God’s grace despite the sins of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Israel (Ezekiel 35:10).

“Draw near, O nations of the earth, to hear, and listen you peoples! Let the whole world and all its fullness hear, the world, and its offspring. For the Lord is enraged against all the nations, and His indignation is upon all their armies: He will utterly destroy (Heb. ‘cherem’) and has devoted them to slaughter.” Like the Edomite and Khazar imposters, they will be cast out, unburied, so that their stench shall mount up and whole mountains will be washed away by their blood when God’s intentions, beginning in heaven (verses 1-2), are enacted here on earth. First upon Edom, “and their land shall be saturated with blood, and their soil saturated with fat” in the consummation of Armageddon after Satan is cast down at the manifestation of the Sixth Seal and Seventh Trumpet (Revelation 12:8-9; 14:18-20).

Adam’s children without Covenant relationship had better redeem the time, because when Los Angeles sinks beneath the Pacific the Gentile dispensation will be over, and the Lord will begin calling 144,000 elect Israelites, not Jews or Israelis. From that time the only way the non-elect of Adam’s race can maintain their name on the Book of Life will be martyrdom. Billions of names will be removed from the Book and those souls will be as lost as those of Cain’s race whose names were never in the Book of Life. nl601.htm

Homework: Please review The Controversy of Zion.


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