The Gospel of the Kingdom, or God Incarnate/Satan Incarnate

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Bible Believers’ Newsletter 803

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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ: welcome everybody, especially you!

Our main article, “The Gospel of the Kingdom, or God Incarnate/Satan Incarnate” is the revision of a 1988 teaching that concerns the two spirits vying for mastery over earth. It adds flesh to the main articles in our previous two Newsletters by placing Scripture in context with recent history, identifying “the kings of the east,” Brother Branham’s “three isms” and their relation to earth’s birth pangs. “As it was in the days of Noah the earth is corrupt before God and filled with violence”  (Matthew 24:37; Genesis 6:1-13): politics enact and history records the working of Satan in this evil age because the best men money can buy wrap themselves in the flag…

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